Catching Flies

Does anyone have a foolproof method of catching a fly who got into the house by accident (when the storm door was opened for the dogs) and is just buzzing back and forth in front of you the whole night driving you nuts?

Some kind of old wives’ method of fly-catching maybe, like leaving a bowl of something sticky out on the counter that the fly can’t get out of? or any type of trick you may know of that wouldn’t require going to the store to buy stuff – just using normal around-the-home items?

Anybody know how to catch a fly loose in the house? He’s driving me MMMMAAAAADDDDD!



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4 Responses to Catching Flies

  1. Rhubarb says:

    I try yawning…just suck those little critters right in! šŸ˜‰


  2. Bex says:

    Good tip,Karen! I’ve been swiping them away but from now on, I’ll leave the webs alone!!! One less job for me.

    The fly finally got out just now when I let the dogs in… he was beside himself and was crashing into the storm door…so I opened it up and out he went.


  3. karen says:

    I leave spider webs that form by doorways etc. They catch lots of bugs besides flies. Most people rush to sweep them away but they are most helpful and best left alone.


  4. Irene Bean says:

    Sorry, haven’t a clue. What a nuisance! (like the animation)


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