A Kindred Soul Has Moved On…

A friend, yes, an “internet friend,” passed away on Sunday the 18th, I am told today.

Her name was Sarah Tryon Smith, also known in the blogisphere as “Rhubarb.” It’s only been hours now since I learned about her passing, so I am raw and numb still and wanting to find a way to deal with this news.

Sarah/”Rhubarb”, as you all probably already know if you read my blog and the comments herein, was one of those ladies who defy description with mere words. Click on her journal, linked above, and you will find daily thoughts that are deep and thoughtful and meaningful. Sarah was one of the most well-balanced people I have ever met or known. Though I never knew her “in person,” that is my loss, and I will sorely miss her words here at JournalScape and around the internet in general. Bits of her thoughts and ideas and opinions can be found with searches, especially at book sites where she would regularly weigh in on various topics including reviews of books that she has read. Books were so important to Sarah. All kinds of books.

(Big sigh…)

I never knew her in person, but I feel she was a kindred spirit through the miracle of the internet where we met.

To Sarah,

I know your spirit is not dead. I don’t believe we “die” anyway. I believe we just change bodies, from a physical one to a spiritual one, but we do not die.

I will keep you in my heart and will still look to you for advice, and I will listen carefully to my heart for your voice.

Sarah “Rhubarb” Smith

Autobiography – by Sarah Smith

With love and admiration for an amazing woman and a lifetime well-lived,

Bex & Co. @ Crow Cottage

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17 Responses to A Kindred Soul Has Moved On…

  1. Irene Bean says:

    Like Wendy, Sarah looks every bit as I’d imagined! I like the photo a lot.


  2. WendyNC says:

    TopsyTurvy, thanks for adding that picture. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Sarah appeared in real life much as I had imagined her.


  3. Rambler says:

    I will just say that, though I didn’t know her very well, I feel like something is missing, hearing this.

    Very sad.


  4. Bex says:

    Hey, TT, Thanks! This is great… a face to put with all those words and thoughts — wonderful. Thanks again. We are really gonna miss that woman below… a LOT…. RIP wherever you are now Sarah! xxx ooo


  5. TopsyTurvy says:

    I can do that for you, Bex. This is from Sarah’s Facebook page. I was looking for another pic I’d commented on at one time but I like this one better…

    Bye, Sarah…


  6. Bex says:

    I am still feeling very forlorn that Sarah has gone on to a better place. One thing I regret about all the years I’ve known her is that I have no idea what she looked like. Even if it’s just one picture, I wish somehow she had given us a glimpse of her physical presence. I understand wanting that anonymity but I still wish I’d had a picture of Sarah to remember in my mind now that she’s gone.

    If anyone has a picture of her and would be willing to share it here, I would love that. But on the other hand, since she didn’t offer one, I totally get that, too.


  7. Shennanigans says:

    Unlike many, I had the pleasure of meeting Rhu a couple years back. She was every bit the character her writing made her appear.

    Sarah, may the winds give you the wings you always wanted, so that you may fly high and have views you could only imagine in life. May your soul rest peacefully.

    With love, admiration, & respect, Shennanigans xoxo


  8. Eric Mayer says:

    Batty just alerted me to this and then I came over to your blog. I am speechless. I haven’t got over Jim’s leaving us yet. Sarah was so vital and full of life and wisdom it doesn’t seem possible someone like that can just depart so quickly. I hope you are right and we all survive somehow, someplace. Wonderful tribute.


  9. mz. em says:

    I didn’t know Sarah well but I looked forward to daily writings. I shall miss her very much.


  10. Bonnie says:

    I may not have known her but I fully understand the feelings expressed. My condolences Bex.


  11. T.S. says:

    You nailed it, Bex! Thanks for putting the words out there for the rest of us!


  12. nina says:

    I’m so so sorry.. You said it beautifully. I’ll leave with your words giving depth to your news.


  13. Bex says:

    I have to say that “knowing” a person through the internet and journalling has proven to be a very good way to get to know someone, not a bad way either. I find that I, along with most everyone, still qualify knowing a person well by saying things like I have said here, “only on the internet” – but really, don’t a person’s thoughts equal who they really are?

    Does a physical presence really make a lot of difference in how much we like, admire, or even come to love a person we’ve “only” met and know online? I don’t believe so.

    My best friend in this world, Sandy-from-Iowa, I have to say, is a friend I met using WebTV in a group and we ended up traveling to England together and have been best buds for 13 years now. Even though we don’t “see” each other, we talk every day, throughout the day most times, and we are there for each other.

    I still can’t quite get that Sarah/Rhubarb is not just out there, writing another entry for tomorrow – she was so faithful to her daily journalling – but I cherish the times we spent hearing each other’s words and thoughts and dreams and lives…


  14. WendyNC says:

    Well, swear words. First Jim and now Sarah-to whom I was led through Jim’s journal. I’m another who never “knew” her except through her journal, but I will indeed miss her.


  15. Irene Bean says:

    I do believe she was the most brilliant person I ever *knew*. She will be missed by many.


  16. TopsyTurvy says:

    That’s a truly beautiful tribute, Bex. One richly deserved by Sarah.


  17. Lovely and true words Bex, that reflect my feelings exactly.


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