Summertime Wanderings

When you have a blog, like this-here-thing, and you have a long period of time when thoughts just don’t gel into a coherent and organized piece of work, otherwise known as an entry, you punt.

I’ve been outside a bit this morning taking photos of – what else? – the dogs:

Happy and Snoozy

another of the dog:

Can I help you?

and, of course one more of – you guessed it…

d'you hear that?

…both of the dogs.

Then, earlier I had gone out because I faintly heard a little racket of noise going on outside and found this:

turkeys in the street

The wild turkeys, just exiting our garden and waddling back down the street.

turkeys in the street/garden

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Not much was going on out there. I sat on the porch for a bit, with and without the dogs next to me, and looked up and saw this:

treetops, clouds, and a stream

Some interior tree views, first the large oak:

Oak interiors

and then the pine next to the deck:

Pine interior

..the deck slats (could this get any more exciting?):

slats, and more slats

…and then back around to this – the most beautiful view of ALL outside, by far:


By this time it was getting warmer and warmer out there. I have had the AC on in the house most of the morning… we are not having a heat wave or anything but it’s muggy and a bit too warm for me and I know for the dogs, too… so in we go again to cool down a bit. But it is a nice day here at Crow Cottage – about as nice a day as one could expect for an August the Twenty Seventh…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

…which leads me to the subject of an entry I had in my head early this morning whilst still lying in bed half-asleep…

August 27, 2013, is the 49th anniversary of the day I met Gary, one of the loves of my life, one fine summer day in Marblehead – August 27, 1964 – the day, actually, I fell in love with him, too, because for me, it was love at first sight. So all I’ll say about that subject here is Gary, I loved you then, I have loved you, in my own ways, for the rest of my life, and now that you are gone from this Earthly plane, I miss you and do not find it amusing that you found it necessary to up and die at such a young age! So this page is for you, Gary R… 49 years ago today we met… I wish you were still here…

Gary in the U.S. Navy:

Gary standing on a naval submarine

Gary and me at my Senior Prom:

Gary&BexProm 1966

and finally, the last picture of him…


Notice his birthday was August 29th… on the day we met, he kept calling me “blondie” and telling me his birthday was in two days and asking what I was going to get him for a present… I never got him anything, but he had stolen my heart that first day and part of it has been his all these 49 years since…

So cheers for dogs, cheers for a green garden in August, and cheers for a man who meant more to me than he ever knew…


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5 Responses to Summertime Wanderings

  1. nilky says:

    I lost my Karen sis years ago, and then found the second love of my life. Life is strange and wonderful… the continuity of love is entirely dependent on how receptive we are of love….


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    It’s been really muggy here the last few days and somewhat warm. But this evening the temps were right around 70F – with the humidex and a stifling 90!!!

    We had 5 days of summer in mid-July and now we have a few days of it at the end of August. So strange. Usually by this time of year we’re already cooling off enough that sometimes the heat might come on in the middle of the night (if the temp got below 68F).


  3. Eric Mayer says:

    Don’t know what is more moving, the entry or the comment. I suspect you have a much bigger heart than many. I admit, this is the sort of subject I don’t feel qualified to say anything about. What I can say is…uh…turkeys! Cool. We had a visit from a half dozen or so a few weeks ago. They rarely come into the yard and when they do it is obvious from the way they rip up the grass so I hope yours didn’t do damage.


  4. Bex says:

    You know, Maggie, I have a soft spot in my heart for all the important loves of my life, but that doesn’t take away the most important spot in my heart of all, the one occupied by my dear wonderful husband, Paul.

    I will never forget the others … Gary, Jack, Bill, Steve, and there were more to be left unnamed… but Paul was always there, too, in my heart — all the years I knew the others… I had it in for him from the beginning but just never got the opportunity to make it work until much later in life. I sure am glad that day finally came and that the rest of my life has been spent with him… there is really no one that comes close to my Paul – for me…


  5. Lovely entry Bex, touches the heart.


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