Inspector Lynley Anyone?

My friend, Emily, (Words of Mine) mentioned recently that she couldn’t watch a favorite cooking show on her TV because the stations had changed the line-up, or something like that, and I wrote that she ought to try watching things on YouTube from her laptop… heck, it’s there, why not?

I normally don’t watch many shows on my laptop, but I am becoming more and more a fan of YouTube – there seems to be everything there – and I just happened on this series. I am not sure the entire series is on YouTube but if you’ve never seen the British series called INSPECTOR LYNLEY MYSTERIES starring Nathaniel Parker and Sharon Small, then here it is for you. Enjoy!

We have seen this on our regular PBS station and loved it all. We were sad to see it end. It’s one of those keepers although I never got around to actually buying a copy of it on DVD, but I plan to re-watch it here on YouTube now that I’ve found it.



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4 Responses to Inspector Lynley Anyone?

  1. Bex says:

    I know, TS… if you want to know how to make a quiche, go to YouTube… if you want to know how to build a birdhouse, go to YouTube… I’m not sure there’s ANYthing they don’t have there. It does make you wonder though… about all the hours people are spending recording stuff and then putting them on YouTube… doesn’t anybody have a regular job anymore? I never had all that free time when I was working… it was all I could do to just accomplish a few tasks around the house before falling into bed exhausted at night.

    Oh well. I like the older shows on there, so I’m not complaining…


  2. TS says:

    Youtube is more interesting than my TV. It seems like almost anything I want to learn about is on there.


  3. mz. em says:

    I watched the first episode and found it very interesting. Soon I will see the second one.


  4. TopsyTurvy says:

    It’s amazing, the old things that you can find on YouTube. I’ve found TV commercials from the 50s and 60s on there!


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