An Intermission?

I can feel a writing slump coming on. Not that I write that much in the first place. I tend to rely on photographs more than a panoply of words in here, but my brain has told me it is going on holiday for the next few days or weeks, so I thought I’d mention that to you… so you won’t think I’d fallen off the edge.

The end of the summer is nearing and I am so happy to see the back end of this season. It’s not fun-in-the-sun for me anymore, like it was in days gone by, but it’s more like a “surviving-the-heat” season for me and I’ve just about had it with the muggy warm weather.

We haven’t had the worst summer heat here in New England. Friend Sandy in Iowa has been reporting 108 degrees this week and that is just silly. Whose idea was this? Is heat the way the world is going to end finally? It feels like it.

So for now, I’m taking a break but it shouldn’t be too long. My moods fluctuate so much that before you know it, I’ll be back with something new, something old, something borrowed, or even something blue-green… which I prefer to plain blue.

Go Red Sox… and you have a good and safe Labor Day weekend.



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7 Responses to An Intermission?

  1. ~ Sil in Corea says:

    Enjoy your break, at least for the long weekend. We get our long weekend on the full Harvest Moon,- Korean Thanksgiving.

    Hi, John! {Waves delightedly}

    The heat and humidity finally broke here on August 31st. We’ve got a northwest wind and it feels like a nice dry Siberian high pressure system.

    Happy Labor Day!


  2. nilky says:

    I agree with John, and many of the others who have had a journalling hiatus, they thought, but it never ended 😦
    “The heat death of the earth” will only be the heat death of the human race, the cause of the disease. Kinda like getting a fever to fight off an infection… and we’re the infection, heh.


  3. Bonnie says:

    I’d be surprised if anyone noticed I wasn’t posting. I’ll just keep an eye out for your return. I slack off on comments cause the identity code thing drives me nuts. lol


  4. Bex says:

    John Bailey – well my goodness… hey, thanks for dropping by… and John, just for the record, WHERE THE HECK HAVE YOU BEEN LATELY?????

    You are right… the longer you take off, the harder it is to come back… I won’t be gone that long… NOT LIKE YOU MY FRIEND! Please start your blog up again, even if it’s just to report the weather there in Wales…


  5. John says:

    Enjoy your break, Bex, but don’t leave it too long. The longer the break the harder it is to restart. I speak from experience.


  6. Ericmayer says:

    The way things have been going people worrying about you “falling off the edge” would be a distinct possibility. I have to admit I have not even been keeping up with my commenting recently. Probably it is good to take a rest once in a while before just burning out entirely. I find the summer heat wearing also. It is still uncomfortably muggy here but we’ll be through it soon.


  7. mz. em says:

    Well have a good hiatus. Enjoy your days off.


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