Game Four, Sox 4, Cards 2 (Picked-Off!)

I see there are way too many National League lovers here, so following the rule that “if you don’t have something nice to say to someone, say nothing…” this is what I have to say to those people regarding the ballgame…


“Cards’ Wong is picked off at 1st Base, ending the game – Sox win 4-2.

Cheers for MY team which has tied the World Series up, 2/2.


It’s in every one of us to be wise;

Find your heart, open up both your eyes.

We can all know every thing without ever knowing why.

It’s in every one of us, by and bye.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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8 Responses to Game Four, Sox 4, Cards 2 (Picked-Off!)

  1. mz. em says:

    Hey what a game. I watched Sunday Night Football but was glad to read this morning that the Soxs won this game.


  2. Neva Williams says:

    I grew up in a family that loved baseball – my father, brother and uncle – the game was always on if there was a game, and it is a part of the background sounds in my life. I know a bit about the game, but not a whole lot. Sometimes when there is nothing good to watch on Cable, I put a baseball game on just to enjoy hearing it. I’m from Worcester, Mass … so I want the Red Sox to win too.


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    And your point is? Bex, that was a fair call – and here you said the Sox weren’t getting fair calls.

    This was a fair call, the game ending play in the previous night’s game was a fair call. Accept them both and move on.

    <<<< Not taking sides as I've cheered for both the Sox and the Cards for many years


  4. Bex says:

    Thank you, Eric.

    The “video” I have on the page is really a “gif” file. Maybe that’s why you could get it.


  5. Eric Mayer says:

    Hey I can actually see that clip on dial-up! Wonder what weird way the next game will finish. I guess I’m going to have to break down and pull for the Red Sox to win for your sake.


  6. karen says:

    Happy for you Bex and the RED SOX!


  7. Bex says:

    I will have to look up your Doosan Bears, Sil. My heart is also with the Sox, no matter what naysayers will say. Maybe sports ought to be a subject never discussed in social company, like politics and religion!

    Found them… DOOSAN BEARS


  8. ~ Sil in Corea says:

    All Right! Great clip! Korean “world series” National championship series is on, so I couldn’t see this game. But, my Doosan Bears are in it! o/ My heart is with the Red Sox, though.


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