Making Pathways

You are cordially invited to the first viewing of my newest YouTube video, made just this morning, 18 December 2013.


Forgive the amateur-ness of this attempt but I don’t really know what I’m doing with this stuff; I learn as I go along. If you were to ask me right now how I did this, I couldn’t tell you! There is a place in my computer that says “share” on YouTube and I found that and did it. It takes me about 30-45 minutes to do this whole thing.

This video shows Paul making pathways out front in the dogs’ garden area so they can play, walk around, and do their business in an organized fashion.

Anyway, I’ll be back later with some news about the peanut butter cups. Not good, I’m afraid, either.

Cheers for having fun in the snow,

Bex & Co.

P.S. Here is a video for you of a visit to Goathland, a village in North Yorkshire where the TV series “Heartbeat” was filmed.

This is a special place for us because we have the entire series here and are on Series 16 out of 18 right now. It’s been a wonderful show. Also, we used to see the TV crews around North Yorkshire filming this show when we were in this area. One year we stayed for 2 nights at a B&B right in the heart of Goathland and just loved it there. It’s very near our favourite town of Whitby, only a few miles, in fact, so it’s a great place to stay if you want peace and quiet at night but near some fun places like Whitby, Robin Hood’s Bay, and Scarborough.

Here is a video of Episode 1 in Series 1 of Heartbeat, the long-running TV show in Britain that Paul and I have loved so much:

The theme song, “Heartbeat” is sung by the show’s original star, Nick Berry, who played the local policeman. He is married to the new village doctor when they move up to the North from London and start their life together there. The name “Heartbeat” was a combination of the two themes in the show, the law enforcement “beat” and the medical profession “heart”.

If you wish, I think you can watch a lot of this show right here on YouTube. This one seems to be a segment of Episode 1 but the rest should be available, as well, if you just scout around for it.

It’s in every one of us to be wise;

Find your heart, open up both your eyes.

We can all know every thing without ever knowing why.

It’s in every one of us, by and bye.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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6 Responses to Making Pathways

  1. It looks so white and pretty at C-Cottage!


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    That was a nice, relaxing video. I really liked the music.

    Looks like you have about the same amount of snow as we do. And we have pathways too, though not shoveled as industrious Paul has done for your pups. Nope ours is just trod down by having to take the little one out constantly, so we’ve been out all the time during the snow.


  3. mz. em says:

    Oh what fun.I am sure the puppers appreciate the open space. You did good on your video and I liked the music.


  4. Bex says:

    Yes, we have “weather” here but the good news is that later on, in a few days, we are going into the 40’s and 50’s so some melting should be taking place… I hope.

    It’s not even winter yet!


  5. What fun Bex! The music set off the images very well. It looks like you are getting “weather” there too!


  6. Sandy From Iowa says:

    Fun view of your snow and moving it …thanks


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