I Fixed It!

Just as an update to my last woeful entry about not being able to email out, I still don’t know what was wrong, but I have been searching here and there, online and inside my files, and I found where I could “RESTORE” my computer back to Jan. 1, 2014, and after considering it for a minute, I took the risk and did it.

I emailed out including to myself and it went thru fine!


Now, the only thing I can think of that caused this was a video I watched on the Marblehead Patch (news) web site concerning the recent storm and the waves crashing up on the causeway leading out to The Neck – it was only a 30 second video but it seemed that something may have happened when I was viewing that.

You know how sometimes you get something appearing on the screen for a split second and you aren’t sure what it is? You hope it’s not a virus etc? Well, I’m not sure but I still think it happened then.

So here I am, back at it. Sorry my two entries for today are not very interesting, but for future problems, this is a workable solution. It worked for me.

Cheers for a good result,


It’s in every one of us to be wise;

Find your heart, open up both your eyes.

We can all know every thing without ever knowing why.

It’s in every one of us, by and bye.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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5 Responses to I Fixed It!

  1. TopsyTurvy says:

    Glad things are back to normal for you!


  2. mz. em says:

    You are such a wiz!


  3. Sandy From Iowa says:

    Glad you are back to normal now …I knew you could fix it if you put your mind to it


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