Shout Out Sunday No. 1 – The American Literary Blog

I think I’ll start something new. For me anyway, but you can join in too, if you wish.

I seem to find the best sites over the weekends. I don’t know why. So my plan is to have a “Shout Out Sunday” each Sunday at some point in the day (can’t promise morning only) to offer up a web site to you, my dear Readers, that I think will be not only interesting but educational, as well. I know that just about all my Readers are very intellectual beings, so I feel confident that this site will amaze and delight most of you. I hope so, anyway. I sent it to Tom at Talking Stick, knowing how much he loves writers and American history, and I really thought he probably already had seen it before, but to my amazement, he hadn’t! He said thank you and that it was “right down my alley.”

I hope it’s right down your alley, or up your road, or down your lane, or however you want to say it.



The author of this blog is Rob Velella. And to save me from typing it all out, here is his explanation About This Blog.

I stumbled onto this nugget of gold-on-the-web because I was watching an old movie yesterday, starring Frederic March, about the life of Mark Twain. It was wonderful and the best depiction of that genius’ life story I’ve ever seen. So when the movie was over, I just did a general search for Mark Twain/Sam Clemens, and this American Literary Blog came up as one of the top choices at G00gle.

As you will see there, he has quite a large array of topics, mainly relating to “An almost-daily celebration of important (and not so important) dates in 19th-century American literary history.” Just go down the list in the right hand column and choose something for yourself. I found some interesting things on my ancestor/cousin, Nathaniel Hawthorne, in there and left him a comment there, but it was an older blog entry so not sure he sees older comments. I must let this Mr. Velella know, however, that he has been featured now on the first ever SHOUT OUT SUNDAY in my little blog.

So if there are any American history buffs out there, go jump into his ocean of fabulous stories and tidbits. If you just read one entry a day you will learn a great deal. Just the one entry for yesterday, Birth of Nack: dawn of another New-Year was just fascinating. There is a poem there that the subject, James M. Nack, wrote about a new year that was amazing in itself. I almost wanted to quote it here, but didn’t, choosing rather to just showcase the author of this marvelously well done and interesting web site, Mr. Velella.

Cheers for the free flow of information,


It’s in every one of us to be wise;

Find your heart, open up both your eyes.

We can all know every thing without ever knowing why.

It’s in every one of us, by and bye.

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7 Responses to Shout Out Sunday No. 1 – The American Literary Blog

  1. Sandy From Iowa says:

    EVERY ONE HEADS UP…Bex service is down and wont be back up till a few days from now…so DONT WORRY …she just called me.


  2. Literary Rob says:

    Many thanks for this feature, and I’m so glad you found the site enjoyable. All the best to you!


  3. Thanks for hunting this one down, Bex! Looks like a treasure house for American literature buffs!


  4. mz. em says:

    What fun. I checked out the website and also liked it on facebook. So much information about writers I had not heard of. I checked out the Cary Sisters. I will look forward to your finds.


  5. fascinating link! I just shared it on my Facebook page – giving you credit for the discovery. I liked the Botta entry of January 3rd. Thanks for doing this for us. I’ll look forward to this each week!


  6. Bex says:

    Huge “you’re welcomes” Sandy… (smile)(((((hugs))))


  7. Sandy From Iowa says:

    WOW…this will be interesting since I work in a place that is all based on past history…huge thanks.


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