Local Heroes – Gone but Never Forgotten

Boston firefighters Michael Kennedy (left) and Ed Walsh (right) – died yesterday, 26 March 2014, while doing their job – fighting a 9-alarm fire in the Back Bay of Boston, MA.

I turned on the news just as this fire had first started, sometime around 2:45 pm yesterday. All the local TV stations carried it for the rest of the afternoon, and I watched in horror as the flames ate up a 4-story brownstone building on Beacon Street in Boston’s Back Bay area.

And I knew something went wrong right from the start when the “crime scene” tape went up and the reporters said there was a huge police presence both at the fire scene and at Mass. General Hospital. I told Paul that I suspected someone had died already, at the beginning, and in the end, it was two firefighters who gave up their lives to save others in that fire.

This entry is to stop and give thanks to all the firefighters and first-responders across our country, and the world, who are there for us, never asking questions, just running into harm’s way so we can be spared injury, or worse.

This fire was made even worse because of our very high winds that were unrelenting all day long – up to 50 mph winds, which led the police spokesman to say that he has never seen a fire spread up a building so fast in all his 30 years of firefighting. Never.

Even after 8:30 last night, we looked at a news show and a live picture of the burnt-out building showed flames still lapping the roof and upper stories of that building. Incredible.

More of the story here.

Now starts the mourning process here in Boston. I feel for the wives, children, mothers, fathers and friends of these two men.

Thirteen other first-responders also were taken to hospital but they will return to their loved ones and homes… but not so for Ed Walsh and Michael Kennedy – who were far too young and brave to be taken from this life.

Cheers for our local heroes and for those across the Earth,

Bex & Co.

It’s in every one of us to be wise;

Find your heart, open up both your eyes.

We can all know every thing without ever knowing why.

It’s in every one of us, by and bye.

~ John Denver & The Muppets ~

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7 Responses to Local Heroes – Gone but Never Forgotten

  1. Bex says:

    Well, TT, they are saying it was the very high winds that was the difference… behind this block of brownstones is “Storrow Drive” in Boston and beyond that is the Charles River looking onto Cambridge across the river. All wide open spaces… for that wind to whip across – and on that day we were having 50 mph winds and more in gusts all day and that wind just kept that fire fueled with oxygen all afternoon and evening. I read that the next morning, after they thought it was all out, there was a flare-up again that had to be put out. And they put a LOT of water on that thing from 3 pm to late in the evening.

    Plus the fact that the buildings there are quite old, however, there were fire walls on both sides of the one involved so mercifully neither building on either side burned. I’m sure they suffered smoke and water damages but they didn’t go up.


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    Fifteen responders injured total, with two of them dead. That’s horrible! You’ve got to wonder what it was about that fire that put so many good people in jeopardy.

    So sad that this sort of thing happens. Sad that there have to be jobs out there where danger is part of the job. 😦


  3. WendyNC says:

    How sad. Best wishes for all affected.


  4. Nina Camic says:

    A sad moment, knowing, too, that for the families, the sadness will last so much longer. Sigh…


  5. Dia says:

    Beautiful tribute Bex, thank you


  6. Sandy Freel says:

    Sad sad story you came with today…prayers for the familys of the two young men…bless them…they gave their life for the job they loved…RIP


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