Just Me “Venting” on this Easter Sunday…

The Shout-Out Sunday web sites for today, 20 April 2014, are four-fold. Read down below for why I’ve chosen this subject for today’s Shout-Out Sunday offering:

1) Keeping your clothes dryer free of problems:

2) How to remove a bird’s nest from your dryer vent:

3) A guy finds a bird’s nest in his dryer vent but decides to leave it alone until the bird flies away:

4) Finally, “Protocol Needed for Dryer Vent Hoods:”

I suggest watching all four of these videos. One is 15 minutes long but the rest are fairly short.

Video #1 is a guy who normally works on dryers but is in his own home showing how to keep it cleaned out of lint, which we all know is quite dangerous but just HOW dangerous is the important part. Very informative – shows how to take apart your dryer, etc.

Video #2 is short and just shows how to remove a bird’s nest from a dryer vent, which was why I looked this up in the first place.

Video #3 is a homeowner renovating his basement and he found an unused dryer vent with a bird’s nest in it and decided to leave it alone until the fledgling bird had grown and flown away (awww!). The vent was not being used currently, so that was very good of him.

Video #4 is just a technical short film on the need for a standardized protocol for the size and configuration of dryer venting systems – something that needs to be done but hasn’t been done so far.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now this all scares me to death. We have never cleaned out our dryer, let alone the venting pipe going outside. Ours goes out the basement window and exits just underneath our back deck. A perfect place for the birds to enter and build a nest. The flap on the dryer vent is easily manipulated so the bird gets in, and today, Easter Sunday, Paul decided he’d heard enough of the sound of the birds building their nest in there so he went out and scooped the nest out and covered the open vented area with some lobster trap half-inch mesh that he uses to build his lobster traps.

I’m pretty sure he didn’t go way in and vacuum out the whole vent of all the lint that has obviously built up in there, way back to the dryer. He just got the huge nest out and put the mesh up.

So, when he comes up for lunch, I am going to pull up this blog entry I am making here and run all these videos by him… he won’t want to watch but I will insist. Especially the one about the guy who takes apart his dryer. I am amazed we haven’t burnt to the ground here! I really am. I am actually shaking a little now just thinking about it. He is doing laundry now – and lately it has been taking hours and hours for our clothes to dry and the dryer is not THAT old. So we surely have a mess inside our dryer and he needs to understand that. He won’t like it because he isn’t into doing maintenance like this, but if he won’t do it, I am going to have to call in a professional and that will cost money. He won’t like that even more!

So wish me luck. And I hope that any of you who are like us and don’t attend to the good maintenance of your clothes dryer will take heed and follow some good advice and get your vents and dryer clear of any blockages. Losing your house to a fire is just way too scary a prospect.

So I wish you a Happy Easter, Happy Sunday, and Happy Spring!


Bex & Co.

It’s in every one of us to be wise;

Find your heart, open up both your eyes.

We can all know every thing without ever knowing why.

It’s in every one of us, by and bye.

~ John Denver & The Muppets ~

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11 Responses to Just Me “Venting” on this Easter Sunday…

  1. T.S. says:

    Hi Bex!

    Thans for the tips and youtube links. I’ll keep a bird’s eye view on my vents.


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    We’ve had to clean out all around the dryer before, because it wasn’t drying properly. But we never have to worry about birds getting in the vent. The previous owners have vented our dryer into the air space created by our gambrel roof. Most likely illegal…



  3. Nina Camic says:

    Thanks Bex! Took note, passed it on to Ed and to my daughter too!


  4. My home is a mere 14 years old. Last winter we noticed it took FOREVER for clothes to dry. I moped because I was certain I’d need to fork over bucks for a new one though I would certainly seek out a reconditioned machine. I called someone to service it… and it ended up there was gobs and gobs of lint! Total fire hazard. Do not use your dryer until you are sure it’s completely cleaned of lint! Whew!


  5. beanie says:

    You can’t believe how many customers come into the Depot and want to vent their dryer inside… they all know better than our installers, you know!


  6. Thanks Bex, I guess we have been living dangerously for the last 25 years!!!! No time like the present to take care of it though! Happy Easter!

    The snow here is still too deep for bunnies, but it is melting now!


  7. Eric Mayer says:

    Well, I guess that’s one advantage we have in not owning a clothes dryer!


  8. Annanotbob3 says:

    Don’t have a dryer, just a washing line and a rack – feeling quite glad not to have one now! xxxx


  9. sandy from iowa says:

    Will do that this week..thanks for heads up films


  10. Bex says:

    Glad to hear it WendyNC… and I showed the videos to Paul while he ate lunch… he assured me that the entire vent line is cleaned out but inside the dryer is another story – we have never taken it apart to look! So he agreed that when we get some time together free, we will attempt it. That’s all I can ask. Now if only I could get that darn bird from making its nest underneath the AC unit in the living room, the noise is very distracting but he/she is not really doing any harm by it so I hesitate to uproot a little family like that.

    Springtime is very busy… I’ve put up my white summer curtains in the living room and in the breakfast room and it feels so light and airy in here now.


  11. WendyNC says:

    Bex, I didn’t watch the videos as I spent waaaaay too much of my life at my old house cleaning the various parts of the dryer vent system. However, I just went and did that job well and thoroughly here. Thanks for the timely reminder!


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