Come Saturday Morning Afternoon….

A quiet Saturday morning afternoon around the Cottage with a picture for you to just say Hi!



Not much going on – waiting for the baseball game to begin soon. If you follow baseball, i.e. the Red Sox, you will know why I’ve been fairly silent on this subject. We are in the loo this season which makes me sad after such a glorious season last year, winning the World Series and all. But this year is a whole ‘nuther animal.

So we’re just going quietly about our business of watching the games just for the entertainment value of doing so. Let them entertain me! I am not expecting much this year and I hope that will suffice to guard me against having a broken heart because of their lackluster play.

Hey, we beat Toronto last night 8-1 – that after a night of just about the most horrible baseball game I’ve ever seen against the Yankees the night before… where we lost 14-5. Oh that hurt. It ended with our Mike Carp, who plays either left or right field or first base, stepping onto the pitching mound in the 9th inning and pitching in his Major League pitching debut! It was painful to watch. I am trying to forget…

Today is another day. Another game. Hope springs eternal.

Go Sox.


And here is another photo taken one year from a similar one of Peggy’s forsythia bush across the street…


April 26, 2014

Look past the grass inside the fence… that IS the dog’s private area and they don’t care if the grass is green or pee-yellow… oh well. You gotta love ’em anyway. Who needs a lush green lawn anyway?

Here is the same forsythia taken a year ago – things were a little greener at this time last year:


April ??, 2013



It’s in every one of us to be wise;

Find your heart, open up both your eyes.

We can all know every thing without ever knowing why.

It’s in every one of us, by and bye.

~ John Denver & The Muppets ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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8 Responses to Come Saturday Morning Afternoon….

  1. TopsyTurvy says:

    Sending hugs and best wishes to poor Em. I hope she’s feeling fit as a fiddle in no time. (As I have thyroid issues myself, I hope that a tiny pill will fix her up just great.)

    Yes, things are very slow here this year, also. I’m okay with that though, as most years we get this huge hit of warm which means that our spring flowers last about 3 days. Not this year. Looks like this year our spring flowers will be around for weeks. No sign of our forsythia flowering yet, though.


  2. Sandy Freel says:

    Prayers for Em…may all go ok and she will be back enjoying spring outside in your flower filled yard


  3. The pollen has invaded – the assault will last for over a month. I haven’t any allergies, it’s the mess it makes. But without the nuisance of pollen, I wouldn’t have my beautiful forest.


  4. Nina Camic says:

    And I thought LAST year’s spring was late!
    Good luck with your pups (so to speak) next week. And remember, after April comes May!


  5. Bex says:

    I agree, WendyNC, good looking babies I have… although Em is not strictly a “baby” anymore and, in fact, she just had some bloodwork that revealed a few values that may be worrisome, i.e. thyroid and kidneys. She is going on 9. And she has a rather large fatty tumor near her armpit that needs to come out and her teeth need some attention so she will be going under the knife this coming Thursday which I won’t like at all. Doggy prayers being accepted…if offered, please-and-thank you!


  6. Bex says:

    Oh yeah, we are missing “Ells” this year… Eric. Big time. Jackie Bradley Jr. is OK but he’s not the hitter that Ells is… NY was smart to scoop him up.

    We beat Toronto yesterday and today again, so 2 in a row… we are on a roll.

    I will try not to think about April for very much longer…better put behind us…you are so right.


  7. WendyNC says:

    Always a pleasure to see Kip and Em. Such good looking babies!


  8. Eric Mayer says:

    Everything is blooming late. Just this morning I noticed some forsythia out back showing yellow for the first time.

    I wouldn’t worry about the Red Sox yet. (Well, as a Yankee fan I always worry about them!) But by the end of the season no one remembers what went on in April. It’s far too early to draw any meaningful conclusions, except when people have been seriously injured and are going to be lost for a long time or a whole season. In a week or two things could look totally different. And I will note that David Ortiz continues to hit, at his age, in this era of steroid testing, which is pretty amazing.

    By the way, I hate to mention it, but I never realized until this season how good a player Jacob Ellsbury is.


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