Picture This…

I am a firm believer in the idea that great art does not have to be expensive art. If the image or picture speaks to your spirit and soul, then it should be considered, by you anyway, great art.

So here is our newest piece of great art at Crow Cottage.

A View to the Bridge by Jan Richardson

“View to the Bridge” by Jan Richardson

(click this link to go to Jan’s FB page!)

(or click here for Jan’s web site.

It came in the post to me, for my birthday, as a card from my long-time and good friend, Sheila from England. Just the square card. I found the square frame and mat online and those just arrived yesterday, so I framed up the card and hung it. I love it so much (thanks Sweet Pea!).

Whitby Painting

It’s a little painting of Whitby in North Yorkshire. You may remember that Whitby is our favorite town in the world. This little card, which is only about 5 inches square, is so colorful and brilliant. It lights up this spot just outside the kitchen. Love it.

That’s all.

Oh, no… wait…

Q: To Nina who, in Comments yesterday, asked why we only have the clams/seafood like we had for my birthday once a year – was it because of the price tag, or was it because we try to keep it “special?”

A: Definitely the former, Nina! If someone delivered that plate of clams etc. to me every Friday, I would be in Friday-Heaven, fersure! It’s really the cost of it, although I have to admit that whenever you get too much of a good thing, it becomes “less good,” if you will.

When I called the restaurant to order our food, I told the woman I was looking at their web site and I wondered if they offered the “Triple Combination Dinner” still (see here under dinner menu), and she said yes, but there was just one thing… the person who builds/manages their web site had died recently so they haven’t updated things like prices on it lately… and that the price for the Triple Combination Dinner that we each wanted went from $18.50 to around $21.50 or so. She wondered if we still wanted those and I said “oh, yes, most definitely – it’s MY birthday and I get clams from you every year on my birthday” and she said “..and YOU are worth it, too!” and I said “Yes! You are right!”

We also ordered a large order of onion rings ($9.00!) to share… so when you start adding that all up, it comes to about $52.00 just for those 3 items. That is more than half of what we spend each week on food, so it is a rather indulgent splurge and one we would never consider doing on a regular basis, except for the once or twice a year thing on birthdays.

Paul’s day is in August. Not sure what he’ll ask for in the way of food then – it may be lobster, which he can supply, and I will gladly cook him up a lobster dinner with all the trimmings if that’s what he wants. But just because he brings home the lobsters doesn’t mean they are free… we consider the money he would have gotten by selling them and count that as our expense for that occasion.

But really, in all honesty, I would say that my love for New England fried clams is so overwhelming and deep that I could definitely have them every single week and never get tired of them! With tartar sauce, of course, not ketchup!



It’s in every one of us to be wise;

Find your heart, open up both your eyes.

We can all know every thing without ever knowing why.

It’s in every one of us, by and bye.

~ John Denver & The Muppets ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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5 Responses to Picture This…

  1. Nina Camic says:

    Ouch! I see your point. Of course, it’s their freshness that causes the price to soar. Too bad the fishermen (and women?) do not reap the spoils of those kinds of prices. Well anyway, as you say — infrequent makes it super special!


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    I can commiserate with the $52 meal. That’s the price of just take out Chinese food around here, and I’m sure clams would be about as bad. Although I’m not even sure we can find fried clams around here anymore. Our little English fish and chips shop on the other side of town closed up about a month ago, and that’s the only place I know of that did fried clams.


  3. Bex says:

    Thanks Sandy… as always…xxxx

    Eric, Paul does bring home the lobsters, now and then but not a whole lot, however, he also brings home the bacon as he’s the food-shopper-in-chief around here!


  4. Eric Mayer says:

    So instead of bringing home the bacon, Paul brings home the lobsters.

    Nice painting. There are lots of talented people in the world. Not everyone has managed — or even tried t– to monetize their talents.


  5. Sandy Freel says:

    Love her works and you did a great job finding the perfect frame for it


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