Remembering on a Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day here in the States.

We take today out to honor the men and women who have given some, part, or all of their lives in service to our country.

It’s a somber day, or should be.

Not a day for fireworks, celebrations, saying “Happy Memorial Day,” or even fun times had by all. Cookouts abound over this particular weekend. Fireworks can be heard in the night, and I don’t hold with either of these practices. But that’s just ho-hum-old-me.

Memorial Day is for honoring those among us, those who are gone from among us, and for those future among us who go above and beyond the required duties and have made the sacrifice that the rest of us haven’t. There are many kinds of sacrifices, too. They aren’t all military-related. There are civilian sacrifices that must be honored today, and I do that now… here.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was doing some photo editing today and stumbled onto this photo of Paul and our two dogs, Emmalee and Whitby. Love this picture. I have it as wallpaper on my desktop now. It takes up the whole screen.

I know… you may have thought it was the Kipster, but no, it was the late, great Whitby. I miss that little girl Whitby all the time, just like I miss our many other pets who have gone before us.

I honor them, too. Not in the same way I honor the human beings who have and will sacrifice themselves for the good of the country, but in a private personal way – I honor their all-too-short lives, their little (or not so little) souls, and the love they bestowed upon us for as long as they had here on Earth. They, as living beings of the Earth, are just as important as are we, the human beings. They deserve just as much respect for what they provide to the Universe as do we. For me, it’s not really a matter of “us” and “them” – I live with the other creatures of this Earth, not above them – and not better than they are. We all have our purpose in this Life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am making Philly sticky buns. Oh yeah…. and my beeper tells me it’s time to get them out of the fridge, slice them up and bake them now. So I’m off. If you are very good, I will follow-up with a photo when they are done…

Cheers for All the good souls of this World,

Bex & Co.

Update: Here you go, take one and pass them down…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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11 Responses to Remembering on a Memorial Day

  1. TopsyTurvy says:

    It’s funny how the intent of Memorial Day seems to have been lost in some areas. It now seems to be an early version of the Fourth of July, not so much a somber time as a celebration of the freedom and happiness we enjoy thanks to the sacrifices of many. It’s kind of like a summer Thanksgiving, a time when we gather family and friends around us and appreciate having them around. (And, to some extent, remember those unable to gather with us, for whatever reason.)

    Those sticky buns look awesome, even if some of the flavor was left in the oven. You’re lucky you were able to bake those. These last 2 days it’s been quite warm here (80 in the house) and there’s no way I’d turn on the oven until it cools down a little as we’re not quite ready to turn on the air conditioning, yet.


  2. Bex says:

    Just a little side note:


    The first game we’ve won in 11 games… we lost 10 in a row… we are in LAST place… but today we WON!</font

    We beat Atlanta 8-6. How sweet it is….

    That's all folks.


    Go Sox!


  3. Bex says:

    Sandy – you hadn’t read my last comment I guess… these are not that great! They will pass for something sweet but not really worth flying all the way here from Iowa!


  4. Bex says:

    I may become diabetic, Bonnie, if I eat the whole pan!

    Nina, this should last me a while. Particularly as they did not come out as yummy as they look in the photo. I had a huge mess in the oven to clean up – and it’s not completely cleaned up yet. I had smoke all thru the house from the melted butter bubbling up and over the pan to the bottom of the stove… I am getting to be a worse and worse cook these days. So… if these buns came out good, they might last me all week… Paul might have one but he isn’t into sinful things like I am.


  5. sandy freel says:

    YOUR ROLLS look so good….will fly as the crow does and be there by nite fall and grab one..


  6. Bonnie says:

    Well I am so glad to see I am not alone in my opinion on Memorial Day. I did watch our city River Parade on TV and had no problem with that as it was honoring all the military and this is a military city.

    I have to skip the sticky buns I’m afraid. Lucky you are not diabetic. đŸ™‚


  7. Nina Camic says:

    How long will that batch of sticky buns last in your home? I’m guessing two days. Correct?


  8. Bex says:

    You are more than welcome Reens. I was thinking of you and Sandy both when I wrote this; she has family in the service too. Actually, I also have family in the service, my sister’s son, DJ, is at boot camp to become a Navy Seal!

    And thank you Karen for mentioning the animals who provide valuable service to our country, as well!

    Now go have a sticky bun, I just made them:


  9. Reenie Beanie says:

    Bex: I can’t thank you enough for this post. My son, 1st lieutenant David Richard Bean is in active duty. He’s currently at Fort Hood in Texas. I am sitting in my car – having just attended a service at the cemetary of our tiny town. xoxo


  10. sandy freel says:

    Thank You for your blog today…I have a grandchild serving and also her husband.
    They was on the front line of the war for two years and treated them as they came into tent(both are in medical room service)…They are in their middle twentys and have seen the horrors of war but still want to serve
    I am proud of all that serve the USA!!!!.
    Great photo of dogs/paul


  11. Karen G. DiCicco says:

    Cheers Bex and family.Memorial Day should be for all the parents who gave their children for freedom and all the animals who served and are so very important today, also.


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