All Gone…

Nina asked how long that batch of sticky buns would last in our household – 2 days?

I’m sorry to have to say, Nina, that was a correct guess.

They lasted the rest of yesterday and half of today. I had one for breakfast and they are just so non-yummy that I’ve thrown the rest of the lot of them in the trash.

They are gone… Paul didn’t even get one. But they had a taste to them that was with me forever and I don’t feel so great right now either… about 3 hours after I’ve eaten it. I think it may have been the walnuts – they didn’t taste great to me and I think they were “off.” Ick.

So, I’ll not be making those again.

I am not having a lot of luck with baking lately – just don’t seem to have the knack any more.

I have got the ice cream maker going noisily out in the kitchen right now because Paul was out of his favorite dessert – ice cream – and I owe it to him to get some more made. He’s out lobstering on this windy and raw day… the trees outside are bending over so I hope the wind is coming from an acceptable direction for him and not interfering with his boat. It’s always a crapshoot on a windy day with lobstering.

He’s getting coffee ice cream today. His favorite flavor, amazingly enough. He has never had a cup of coffee in his life and until I talked him into buying commercial coffee flavor ice cream at the store, he’d never had it. He loved it right away… so now that I make his ice cream from scratch, he loves that flavor the most of all of them.

I don’t eat his ice cream – usually I’ll lick the paddle after I’ve transferred it from the tub into the storage container… but that’s it. He’ll also need another batch of cookies, and I think I’ll make him some molasses spice cookies, his favorite cookie.

Nothing else to report. Watching some early play French Open tennis… always fun to see the early matches with players we don’t often get to see play.



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11 Responses to All Gone…

  1. T.S. says:

    Sticky buns wouldn’t last long around here either. Hope Paul’s boat is okay in the wind!


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    How are you feeling, Bex? Hope your tummy trouble left quickly and you’re now feeling fine.


  3. I thought you were making a *wink-wink* joke about the sticky buns and that perhaps you all had binged. 🙂 Sorry about the off-putting taste. I purchased some walnuts a while back that tasted off to me – I tossed them – or maybe my neighbor took them. Can’t remember.


  4. Bex says:

    Nina, I never made the cookies – yet. Tomorrow is another day…

    Eric, I also don’t love iced coffee – I like iced tea much better, with lemon in it, but I always drink hot coffee 24/7 – all year. But only one cup a day.


  5. Nina Camic says:

    A day where I made ice cream *and* baked cookies would, in my book, be a full day indeed! (Sorry about the rolls.)


  6. Eric Mayer says:

    Our favorite ice cream is also coffee. But then we are both coffee fiends. Oddly enough though we both love coffee ice cream we both hate iced coffee. It’s even worse than luke-warm coffee, which is pretty bad. Even in the heat of the summer I need my coffee to be hot. Except when it is in ice cream.


  7. Bex says:

    You got that right Bonnie! These buns came in a big packet with the nuts, glaze, and brown sugar in little packets inside. I think it would be better to just make these from scratch but it’ll be a long time before I attempt them again. Not worth the aggro!



  8. Bonnie says:

    Bet from now on you taste a nut before making something with them. Sorry ’bout that.


  9. Sandra Freel says:

    Bummer about rolls..they looked great in the photo


  10. Karen DiCicco says:

    Well, they look delicious Bex.

    Thanks for the nod to the “Sunnybank,” Collies today.

    Going to the Gathering in August in New Jersey at APT’s “Place.”


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