Just Us Chix…

I had company this morning!

These two gorgeous women came to Crow Cottage for a cuppa and muffins this morning.

Sarah (my sister) on the left, and Toni (my sister-in-law) on the right.

No, I did not get in the picture. I didn’t want to break my camera!

Here are a few more shots:

I know, not very interesting. All taken by me from my big chair where I had to sit due to extreme pain! As usual!

They just left. We three “sisters” had not been together in the same place for probably 10 years. So this was a major milestone. All went well. We laughed a lot, and told stories… and ate the most yummy muffins that Sarah brought, and we had cookies I’d made and some gourmet peanut butter cups that I found (thanks to you Topsy Turvey) online! OMG. They are so incredible!

So now I can sit and wait for the pain to go down before I get up again… ouch. This is why I don’t do company much anymore. But this was good. Toni wants to subscribe to this blog and now I am going to send her the URL and maybe, if we’re lucky, she will comment on something now and then. (She admits she is IT-challenged when it comes to emails etc.).

And Sarah, don’t be a stranger to Comments either! Just jump in there!

That’s all for now.

Oh, wait… the Red Sox won their 5th game in a row last night… and what a game it was! Go Sox!

Cheers for Sisters,

Bex & Co.

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13 Responses to Just Us Chix…

  1. T.S. says:

    I bet it was nice to have the sisters come visit! Always enjoy my sister’s company when she appears.


  2. Bex says:

    Yes, Sandy, I did a big blog clean-up. Took the header picture today… a perfect day here weather-wise.

    TT, I can’t remember now the name of those peanut butter cups but I think they are the ones you mentioned… they are TO DIE FOR!!! I will go see if I can find them again.

    These are the peanut butter cups I got…


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Love the new pic of the furbabies!

    Sounds like one heck of a baseball game. Sorry I missed it, I sure would have been shouting at the umpires!

    Glad you had fun with your visitors and that you’re enjoying the “gourmet” peanut butter cups. Are these the Smoothies that you bought?


  4. sandy freel says:

    great photo of your fuzzies …I seen you did a bit of housekeeping on your blog…most of sidebar stuff is gone.


  5. Sounds like a home run by all accounts!


  6. nina says:

    Well now, when I read the post title, my mind went elsewhere. Chicks? Bex is into chicks?
    So happy you had a nice visit… With real people!


  7. Rosemary says:

    That would be last, not lady, night. Although………….they are single 🙂


  8. Rosemary says:

    My two grandsons, from in Ohio, were at that game lady night. They said what a game!


  9. Eric Mayer says:

    Glad the visit went well and it was interesting to see it from your point of view.

    Thanks for the run down on the game. I somehow missed that. Weird. One of the joys of baseball is no matter how long you follow the game it always surprises you with something new!


  10. When I first looked at the top photo I thought “there is Bex!”. You sister looks a lot like you I think. It sounds like the sisters had a lovely time, all three of you!


  11. sandy freel says:

    Looks like everyone is happy to be there…I bet all the sweets was first class also….thanks for photos


  12. Bex says:

    Yes, you heard right Harriet! To summarize:

    1) Tampa Bay pitcher hit our player with the ball (on the hip/lower back area)
    2) Umpire seriously warned both dugouts to not do it again! Or else….!!!!
    3) Same Tampa Bay pitcher hit another Red Sox player up near the neck area!
    4) All players came out again on the field but that offending pitcher was NOT removed – he was left in the game!!


    5) The Sox are livid. Each time one of these happened (above) the manager also got removed because he was livid and arguing it! New manager appointed. New manager also removed when the 2nd incident happened.

    (So far the Sox did nothing but GET HIT by the Tampa Bay pitcher!!! and yet we’d lost 2 managers.

    6) Third manager appointed and when the Sox pitcher threw the ball and it went BEHIND the Tampa Bay player, HE (our pitcher) got ejected… so another new manager had to be appointed!

    Sox tied up the game and in the 10th inning, our player who got HIT ended up scoring the winning run in a walk-off hit… so we won the damn game but not before we had lost 3 managers and our pitcher to ejection, and we never did any of the hitting… 3 of our players were hit by Tampa Bay… and no one from Tampa Bay got ejected!

    Totally not right. But we won it in the end. There is bad blood between these two teams, if you didn’t know that already.

    Another game tonight and one tomorrow… should be interesting.


  13. l'empress says:

    Did I hear that it took the Red Sox four(!) managers to win last night? Maybe that’s what they have to do if they want a pennant.


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