Going…. going…. gone!

Yesterday, Paul removes the first limbs from the burning bushes:

Paul gets right in there and snips away, with an audience, of course:

Em has to keep an eye on things too, while the woodcutter cuts away at these overgrown bushes:

Too late to stop now!

An action shot – haul those limbs, stretch those muscles:

Making progress now:

The corner garden is seeing the light of day!

Only one more bush left to cut down….

Going, going…

…gone – all gone!

The burning bushes, RIP:

Say goodbye bushes (“goodbye bushes…”)

Inspecting Paul’s good work, the dogs are on hand to give the paws-up or the paws-down:

And that job is done. Well, almost done…

That was yesterday. It was hot, too. Today has been hot, as well, and Paul has just finished cutting all those limbs up into pieces, organizing them into thicknesses, and hauling them up to the dump – he’s made about 5 or 6 trips so far.

I am watching the Red Sox play the Minnesota Twins here in Boston with no score yet in the 4th inning. We’ve been winning a few games lately, so I’m hopeful, but I sure wouldn’t want to be a ballplayer in this heat, no-sir-ee-bub.


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8 Responses to Going…. going…. gone!

  1. Bex says:

    I did hear that the cooler temps were heading our way, TT, but they are slow getting here! I’m waiting! Last night was awful to sleep in and I am being stubborn and not turning on my AC units before July 1st this year… just to save $$ for Paul and I just hate closing up the house all the time… but if it gets into the 90’s, they are coming on! For now we are managing.


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    Looking like your going to have another good sized garden area to plan out and plant, Bex. 😉

    Hopefully our cooler air has now gotten to you. We had one day of temps near 90 and then slipped back into the mid-70s again.


  3. My situation is unique because of the location of my home. As I’ve become limited with mobility, I no longer even do much in the way of potted plants. Living in the middle of the woods, I allow Mother Nature to do my landscaping. 🙂


  4. Bex says:

    Bonnie, I was just talking with Paul about that very subject the other day. If I were here alone, there is no way I could maintain this property. I would need to hire someone to do it. I would first go to the Salem Senior Center and see if they know of people who help seniors do odd-jobs. I know they are out there because my (previous, now late) neighbor, Gloria, used them to do her odd jobs and yard work when she couldn’t do it herself. They also charge less than regular odd-job people charge as most of the elderly are on a very limited income.

    I cringe to think of what this property would look like if the work were up to me! It could get pretty darn scary pretty darn quickly!


  5. Bonnie says:

    One must wonder when we can no longer help and hubby can no longer work like that who will? Our neighbor is paid to mow our yards and we sometimes get his help like the nandina’s, but if you are in an area without workers what do you do?


  6. sandy freel says:

    Nice to view Paul working so hard to make things so nice…fuzzies was also good help.


  7. Eric Mayer says:

    what a job! I’ll bet the dogs were real curious about the change in environment. The porch has got to feel a lot more airy and open now.


  8. Looks like quite a bit of work! Good supervision makes the job much easier though, so the furry members of the family were pulling their weight. What a beautiful view!


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