Seeing — it’s a good thing!

A short and very uplifting video – an Irish terrier, Duffy, has diabetes and went blind from it. His people got his diabetes under control with medication and also splurged for the surgery needed to restore his eyesight. In this video, he is seeing his people for the first time in months, following his surgery… just a feel-good moment (despite the squealing from Duffy’s people – hey! They are happy to “see” each other again! I’d squeal too!)

Cheers for the good, decent, generous animal lovers in this world!

Bex & Co.

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3 Responses to Seeing — it’s a good thing!

  1. TopsyTurvy says:

    Saw this the other day. I thought he’d always been blind but then read he was only blind for a short time.

    Those folks are lucky they have money for that operation, I’m sure it cost a fortune.


  2. Bonnie says:

    I’m surrounded by the idiot pet owners.


  3. sandy freel says:

    WOW…what great love was showed..thanks for the find of this info.


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