Close to Heaven, in Life and in a Garden

A garden is a safe-haven where we can go to escape the ills of the world, the evil that men do, and the uncomparable sadness that befalls mankind on a regular basis in this world. My garden is that for me.

I say a prayer to “All That Is” for the peaceful rest of the souls lost in yesterday’s horrible act that caused 298 innocent people to die. Trying to understand this evil that men do is almost futile. There is no understanding it, only praying that the innocents are at peace somewhere better than here.

I am now enjoying the fruits of Paul’s labors. A “before” photo of our little corner garden, horribly overgrown and un-cared-for until recently.

And here is the same corner garden – taken this week by me:

The photo above was taken while Paul was shoveling in the mulch he’d bought. This mulch will be the savior of this little garden, holding in all the life-sustaining moisture that these little plants crave. I won’t have to water them so often now that the mulch is on there. We had a good hard, long rain the other day, and things still seem wet and moist all around the gardens.

You can see, below, why I am leaving the lilac bush in the middle of this corner garden – here it is in full bloom earlier in the spring:

The aroma both inside the house and outside, as far away as in the back yard, was incredible while this bush was blooming. I did not want to move it for fear it wouldn’t survive, so when Paul said “Just leave the poor thing alone” I followed his advice. Here it will stay.

Here are a few more photos I took yesterday from a different angle:

Where the 3 sedum plants are now, there used to be the wild and spindly forsythia bushes. Those are all gone now, and we moved these sedums from the garden out front. We must have about 8 or 10 of those plants around the gardens here… I like them because they bloom late in the year, in the fall, after all the summer stuff is gone.

Below is the 5th rose bush that lives on its own down by the angel seat:

You can see it is blooming now, just love these little rose bushes. Can’t wait for them to be big!

Farther down the driveway, looking back:

Way down front, on the street, looking into the wild and wooly front corner garden:

Believe it or not, Paul spent all day the other day, in the 90+ degree heat and high humidity weeding this garden. It’s very neglected and overgrown, but he got to move out some of the fast-spreading irises that are growing like wild-fire down near the front. He moved them to a spot way down back by our giant rock… we can’t even SEE them from the house because of the plants blocking it back there.

You can see the irises getting ready to bloom here in the right-hand corner of the garden…

A wider view of this front corner garden. Note the two large clumps of daisies… love those.

I think Paul dug out a clump of the far daisy plant and put it down back with the irises… I haven’t been down there to photograph anything, however, Paul did mow the two back levels of “lawn” the other day so I could probably manage a careful trip back there with my camera.

Coming back up the driveway, the inner corner garden:

Do you see that yellow blooming lily behind the sedum plant there? When Paul dug up the sedum by its roots, that lily’s roots were attached to the roots of the sedum (it had been at the front of this corner garden) so it came along with the sedum since it was so “attached” to it. They seemed to be best friends… we didn’t want to separate them!

From around front:

And in case you don’t believe he really weeded, here is the uncontested proof-positive:

Paul trying to blend in with the plants!

From above, looking down into the inside corner garden and the birdbath that I moved over here from the front:

The 4 rose bushes along the back, now starting to bloom out nicely:

One last look – quite a nice change and now I can see out of the yard while sitting on my front porch!

Again, just to compare – before below, after above.

Click here for a small slideshow of the rose garden photos.

That’s all folks! Happy gardening!



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11 Responses to Close to Heaven, in Life and in a Garden

  1. Smartiplants says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Give Paul a high-5 for his work! Y’all have such a lovely place!


  2. Eric Mayer says:

    Our yard features more moss and green weeds than actual grass and I mow it only as needed. And that doesn’t include nipping off some clover or dandylions that have reared their heads above the rest either. đŸ™‚


  3. Bex says:

    Eric and Reens, thanks.
    Paul only gardens when he can’t get out lobstering (and you are right, Eric, you don’t, technically, “fish” for lobsters, however, I always say use the term “fishing” when I speak of lobstering,(“Are you going fishing tomorrow?”) but Paul usually uses the term “lobstering” – so he’s right and I’m not). Anyway, he will mow the lawns only when they are real long, not on a regular schedule. I have to nag him to do it. And even then he will just do one section to appease me… like the inside lawn near the front porch…where the dogs spend their time. Out front near the street usually grows quite long before he will tackle it. When he finally does mow out there, he usually will pick a weed or two out if he sees it.

    He only just mowed the two back lawns the other day for the first time all season! What a mess they are – all weeds, no grass really. But they are green at least. His boat was out of commission for a week this month (it went back in on Friday) so he was out of work all that time and spent the days doing the yard work and that garden. It always seems there is a time during the season when he is home for some reason (weather/boat problems) so the big jobs get done if the weather allows. But now that he’s back lobstering, forget the yard for a long time now!


  4. Eric Mayer says:

    Your gardens look great. It’s hard for me to imagine how Paul can maintain a yard like that and work at lobstering as well.

    Hmm…I almost said “fish for lobsters” but you don’t “fish” for lobsters do you?


  5. Your gardens are pure magic. I can’t believe the portions of transformation! Bravo!


  6. Sandy Freel says:

    Always love all the photos you put in for us to enjoy…I sure would like to be there for real.


  7. Bex says:

    Bonnie – oh don’t I know it! I am thankful for him every single day… big time.

    TT: the mulch is dark brown – but I love it so much better than the poopy-brown stuff, it’s almost orangey-brown… not a fan of that color. The darker mulch looks more like natural wet dirt to me… and it seems to stay looking neat longer than that orangey stuff.

    It’s not a great shot, but see this garden area out in the front near the street? We put this same mulch out there after Paul dug out and planted this garden and that was 3 or 4 years ago now… he has never had to replace the mulch out there at all and the weeds have just not taken over there.


  8. Bonnie says:

    A lovely garden. You are fortunate to have a husband who will work in it.


  9. TopsyTurvy says:

    Yes, I could definitely sit in your garden and let the cares of the day drift away. It’s lovely!

    Bex, is your mulch black? We put black mulch on our garden last year but now I’m not so sure I like the color. DH still likes it, though.

    We can actually get free mulch from the composting area of our local dump. DH and I hope to take advantage of that soon.


  10. Bex says:

    Yes, Maggie, it is serene out there… except when some neighbor decides to rev up the mulcher or lawn mower or power saw… then not-so-much. But normally it’s pretty serene here on the hill.


  11. How serene it must be, to sit looking at that garden that love built! Lovely!


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