All the News That’s Fit To Pay For?

I can’t be so different from everyone else, can I? Don’t we all want it all for free? Information, that is. Online information – we want it and we want it for free. Right?

I know I do.

Back in the late 1970’s when I first subscribed to our local cable TV company, it cost me a whopping $19.95 per month to have crystal clear TV reception of the handful of stations that came in on my TV. I was over-the-moon happy with this development. For less than $20 every month, I had no need of my rabbit ears and tinfoil rig-up – just a clunky cable box and wonderful crystal clear TV reception. It was heavenly.

That was then. This is now.

Now, my monthly bill for cable TV service is a whopping $116.+ per month. Granted, I have hundreds (it seems) of channels to choose from, but if I were to go through all those channels and throw out the useless crap-filled stations, I would probably wind up with the small handful I started out with, for $19.95 a month!

Most of what I’m paying for on TV now is pure unadulterated rubbish. I actually admire and envy those of you who have either foregone getting Cable in the first place or have given it up altogether in search of a simpler lifestyle. I haven’t been that brave… yet.

So I’ve had a good time these last couple of decades accessing news web sites and getting all my information for free… from the free internet. Well, almost free. It also costs me to HAVE internet access, to the tune of about $60+ per month but that includes my phone bill, as well, which I never use (the phone, that is) so it may as well be just the internet charge!

And now it has become quite evident, as I search for news outlets online to get my news each day, that the freebies are coming to an end.

It’s starting to be hard to find a news outlet these days that is still free and that doesn’t warn you, when you click on it, that you have “5 free articles to read until you will need to start paying up.” A warning… nice of them to give us a warning. Some give us 10 free articles to read free, some only 5, and one I clicked on said that the next article I want to read would cost me money. Period.

See the links below to learn more about this subject if you want. I have found these articles very informative and interesting and wanted to share them with you.

The Era of Free News Websites is Ending (

The Era of Free News Websites is Ending

Why Should Everything on the Internet be Free? (

Why Should Everything on the Internet be Free?

Newspapers Increasingly Charging for Online Content (

Newspapers Increasingly Charging for Online Content

Here is a good list of How to Find Newspapers Online (

How to Find Newspapers Online

My question for you is: Will you sign up to pay for any news outlets in the future if/when these sites stop giving it to you for free?

Or, have you already done this? Signed up to pay for your news online?

Is the day of the free internet truly over, for all intents and purposes, to most of us now?

We pay for a yearly subscription of our local Salem News, and yet when I go to their web site now to read the news, they will not let me read it any longer, I’ve gone past the 5 free articles left – so I’ll have to go back to the paper version of the newspaper, as Paul has always done.

Thanks for your input.



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9 Responses to All the News That’s Fit To Pay For?

  1. Smartiplants says:

    I am liking the Roku box we have attached to our tv. (They can be bought at Walmart or Online.) We get a lot of channels on it and some are pretty interesting and some include news channels. Many do not require subscriptions although honestly I can’t really tell you how good the Roku news channels are because hubby always commandeers the remote and watches what he wants. So that might be an option for you.
    It does require that you get cable speed internet though for it to work well.
    I have tried to talk hubby into dropping the cable tv and just subscribing to the internet portion of the cable service, but he likes having it all!
    As far as news on the internet itself, like you, I have seen a trend towards “pay for news” and it may continue that way but I wonder how far they will be able to take it.
    In the last summer Olympics, during the swim competition, I was seeing results on Facebook BEFORE they showed on TV! Kind of negates paying for a subscription to a news service in some cases.


  2. We haven’t had TV for many years now, and don’t miss it. If we want to read the news we usually head over to the Guardian in the UK to see what they have to say, and occasionally to CBC in Canada. But we find what is available is almost on a parr with propaganda, so we only read the news if we are willing to sift through the experience in search of descriptive or factual information. We have a local news person where we live, who has a website and reports, and she provides the best news coverage I have ever been exposed to, bar none. She has her biases, but she doesn’t try to hide them, and gives time to opposing viewpoints. Friends on Facebook usually alert us to anything important going on in the world, they are more reliable than corporations, and I understand their biases from the get go.


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    We still pay for cable, even though we almost never turn on the TV. We keep it because it’s all part of a low cost bundle we get for phone, internet and TV, and for now we’re on a 3 year contract (which cut our communication bills in half!).

    When we get close to the end of our contract DH and I will have to look more closely at whether we can drop the cable from our bundle without the price going up. About the only thing we use cable for is to see “new” movies at about a quarter of the price of seeing them at the theater. But if we can get most of our movies from someplace like Netflix or even our own theater’s online rentals, no reason to pay for the cable.


  4. Eric Mayer says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the day comes when you have to pay for practically everything on the Internet. On the other hand, the advertising model worked for newspapers and magazines for a long time and some Internet services may manage to remain advertiser funded. Long ago I worked for a local weekly and although it charged for subscriptions the main revenue came from ads. The rule was the paper could afford to print one page of news for every page of ads so the length varied from week to week.

    Those articles you cite are pretty depressing from my moochers point of view. 🙂 Really, though, reading the news in the morning is like waking up and then diving right into a nightmare so maybe I’d be better off not reading the news at all. It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of people felt the same.

    I don’t get my news from online newspapers though but rather from sites like the aforementioned Yahoo News or Google News of

    As you know we stopped watching television years ago. Yes, we do miss some good programs but 99% of what’s on is garbage and noxious garbage at that.


  5. nina says:

    We don’t have cable — our free tv has three different PBS options, and the basic networks, plus fox. That’s plenty. But you do like sports and quirky British stuff so I dont know that I would give up cable if I were you.
    I dont have a landline (but pay a fortune for my cell phone, I think, but it’s worth it as I use it a lot for its computer capabilities, here and when traveling) and we pay for the cheapest slowest internet, because right now, that’s very fast — enough to stream movies and load pictures. It costs us something like $20 a month.
    We do read the NYTimes online. It’s a great paper. I get it free because my mom gets the printed copy and she can give away a free online subscription, but I would definitely pay for that. I enjoy most everything there, especially when you get past the front page headlines.
    And I still get a printed magazine in the mail once a week — the New Yorker, which I absolutely love, even if I dont get around to reading all of it all the time.
    On balance then, we’re only paying for basic internet and the magazine, which is very very cheap. We donate to public radio, too, which we both love, but listen to only when in the car.


  6. TopsyTurvy says:

    I get more news of every kind than I ever have before free every day at

    You don’t have to but you can register your email address and personalize your front page to get whatever kind of news stories you like: general news, political, science, entertainment, etc.


  7. Bonnie says:

    We have basic Time Warner, you are right about crappy shows too. We also have phone and internet with them. Right now our paper is free online because we subscribe to the Sunday paper to be tossed on our driveway. We must be the only one and finding a carrier for here has caused some problems so we are considering not getting it next year.

    I think this business of paying for online news not to my liking.


  8. l'empress says:

    I guess, when you come right down to it, journalism is no longer a service, and the owners don’t care if you know the news or not. It just makes us more suspicious of everyone.


  9. sandy freel says:

    I don’t have tv for that reason…I will not pay to watch tv…I didn’t watch tv much before the change over…I am a big time reader.
    As for paying for news on line…NO..most is stuff that upsets me so why do it.
    I pay amazon each year and get all I care to view there…if the price keeps going up I will end that.
    They are trying to get into our billfold everyway they can think of…not going to happen here.
    As for you Bex…you enjoy tv and don’t get out offen…so far I am still able to get out and move around…maybe if house bound I might think on a different note…good blog today


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