Tornado Touchdown Near Here, Revere

Wow. Wild weather hereabouts.

Click here for story.

Another story here.

A tornado hit at a city just a few miles south of here, Revere, Mass.

You can see right into that house with no roof !

Just wow. I was in the basement with the dogs when this thing went by near here. All we had here in Salem was rain and a little thunder/lightning. I am just seeing the damages on the TV now and poor little Revere, just south of here next to Boston, had all the major damages… but they are reporting that there were no major human injuries so far … I feel for the little pets of the people who were away at work when all this was going on! People are coming out into the streets there and are just stunned.

Wow. I never used to think of this as a tornado area but that’s all nonsense. This has been confirmed.

Good luck to all who live in or near Revere and Chelsea, another city that got hit by it. I’m rooting for you.

P.S. To round out this day, we just heard that two more storms are on their way from west-to-east, the larger of the two going over around 7 p.m. here… great…

P.P.S. We dodged that bullet, again! No storms now for the night.

Bex & Co.

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8 Responses to Tornado Touchdown Near Here, Revere

  1. Bex says:

    Thanks TT for picking up my directionally-challenged mistake. Since we are north of Boston, I always think in terms of being north… yes, Revere is indeed south of here… and north of Boston.

    The second and third storms later in the day did not hit us, thankfully. They stayed north of us.

    So that’s enough of tornadoes around here for a while…I want no more of that!


  2. Irene Bean says:

    When I moved to the mountain, I was told that tornadoes didn’t *climb* mountains. Not.

    Glad Bex & Co. are safe & well.


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Tornadoes can happen anywhere, but if you read the articles some of them do mention that tornadoes are highly unusual in that area. I did get a bit confused at first though, as Revere is south of Salem, not north.

    We had tornado weather, too. We had a tornado imminent warning last night 20 miles away and found out later that there’d also been a funnel cloud in our metro area. It really didn’t seem that bad though, no heavy winds for us though we did get constant thunder and 2 inches of rain.


  4. Eric Mayer says:

    Wow. Seems like tornadoes can hit anyplace these days. Are they more widespread or is it just that we hear about them all?


  5. Bex says:

    You got that right Maggie, I am a huge basement-sitter in storms… the dogs and I want to be safe. Now on the other hand, my macho-lobsterman husband stays out on his boat thru storms, or up on the top floor, just underneath the roof, all thru storms, and it drives me nuts. Men!

    Still watching the news coverage of the damages in Revere… lots of it but thankfully not much injury to residents… amazingly.


  6. Bex, I remember that you recently described sitting out a storm in the basement, with the dogs. And you thought perhaps you were being overcautious, I guess not!


  7. sandy says:

    We have them all the time in heart and prayers go out to those there.
    So glad you are safe!


  8. WendyNC says:

    Wow! Just goes to show that it can happen anywhere. Best wishes to those affected.


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