Hop on the Nostalgia-Train with Me!

Sometimes the current world and its events just don’t add much to a person’s comfort or joy. In times like these, it helps if we can be transported back to a simpler time, to the days of olde… when things were slower and the heart was young.

I’ve just stumbled onto a site that has me quite excited. I found it in:

Time Magazine’s 50 Best Web Sites

I’m still working my way through these 50 gems and am saving the ones I like the most. Then I hit on this one and my enthusiasm meter went sky high and right off the page:

The Nostalgia Machine

Now, the link above is for the year 1962. You can go to their home page or you can just click to whatever year you want to visit, and up will come loads of wonderful little music videos from that particular year… all sorted for you.

I’ve only listened to two so far but already I am feeling a great warm nostalgia come over my entire being — “Cottonfields” and “Wanderer” — I’m going back in for more… 1962 was a good year – I was just starting high school that year, coming off a summer-long romance with a boy I’d met whose Dad had been resurfacing our street and we dated all summer… and it was also the year I met and fell in love with Jack D. – the old boyfriend I found only a couple of years ago and have been writing to ever since off and on.

Wow. Go have a look, and be transported back to that special year in your life… just to get away from all the news of the day going on right now.

(I just found “Patches” which is really taking me back…”Down by the river that flows by the coal yard…” oh my… be still my heart!)

Enjoy and cheers,


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10 Responses to Hop on the Nostalgia-Train with Me!

  1. Bex says:

    I would NEVER forget that, Sare… the best baby sister a girl could EVER have, too! xxxxx


  2. Sister Sare says:

    Don’t forget the BEST thing about that year!! That was the year that your baby sister Sarah was brought into this world!!


  3. Sandy in Chicago says:

    Wow what a fantastic site! I just got lost in 1968 🙂


  4. Bonnie says:

    My era 1957, not there but enjoying “Greenfields”.


  5. Smartiplants says:

    What a great find! Thank you for sharing! I am going to spend hours in the Nostalgia Machine!


  6. Karen DiCicco says:

    There goes a great deal of my time Bex, thanks for the post.


  7. Very interesting Bex! Shed a few tears for some of those years!


  8. l'empress says:

    I just went back to look…Time disappoints me again. It doesn’t go back to my high school years, the time when I regularly sang along.


  9. l'empress says:

    Oh, you kid! In 1962 I was finishing up my studies for my bachelor’s degree. Music was changing, but it would be pretty good for another ten to fifteen years.

    Is Time trying to sell us something? Every time I switch on a music show on TV, if it’s sponsored by Time, they’re selling overpriced recordings. 😎


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