One More Thing & Then I’ll Shuddup

After all the hand-wringing angst this past week about the Red Sox trading away their #1 ace pitcher (Lester) and also their #2 ace-wannabe pitcher (Lackey) not to mention about 5 or 6 other Sox players… we got back to work on Friday night and hosted the New York Yankees in Boston.

We had traded our shortstop, Stephen Drew for a Yankee pitcher, Anthony Ranaudo (who, BTW, is a New Yaawkah!!). Fine with me, couldn’t stand Drew anyway. They can have him. So our pitcher last night against the Yankees was Anthony Ranaudo. The Yankees’ pitcher against Boston was Chris Capuano – who used to be a Red Sox pitcher not long ago.

Red Sox Pitcher, Anthony Ranaudo

It was bizarre!

But the good news is this:

The Sox Beat The Yankees Last Night 4-3!

Last place Red Sox beat the Yankees with half our team traded away.

The new guys did fine. The old guys did OK too. Hey, Dustin Pedroia actually got a double. The only down side was that our main catcher, David Ross, suffered an injury to his plantar fascia… again. So we may be needing to bring up a new catcher, but I love our new guy, cathcer Christian Vasquez, so put him in there and Go Sox again today!

Looking for a sweep of the Boys in Stripes this weekend… what a hoot that would be.

I’m just still flying high from the Sox actually winning a game, that’s all.

Cheers to the Boys of Boston,


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4 Responses to One More Thing & Then I’ll Shuddup

  1. Bex says:

    Ha Eric, that’s funny. I don’t believe any member of Red Sox Nation has any illusions of going to first – not this year and probably not next year. We can dream but expectations should be based in reality… Last year was a fluke, IMO… we had luck on our side, not so much solid talent. We are back to the real world now.


  2. Eric Mayer says:

    We evened the score last tonight. I guess the Red Sox plan on going worst to first again. I’m not sure that’s a viable plan every year but the Yankee’s idea that you can win by filling a lineup with over-the-hill veterans makes no sense to me. Players are best in their twenties. Except maybe for David Ortiz of course.


  3. Bex says:

    You’re pretty terrific too, Reens…



  4. Irene Bean says:

    I think your enthusiasm is terrific!


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