Everybody Knows….

Listening to a “More Best of Leonard Cohen” CD right now. He’s singing “Everybody Knows” — what a great song…

Everyone knows that once you join Facebook you lose contact with your old blog and blog friends, unless they follow you in FB, of course.

I still have not made the jump to the Twittersphere and probably never will. It’s FB that has taken a giant chunk out of my waking hours; not that I’m really contributing anything much but it’s just there…

Leonard is now on “I’m Your Man.” Love it.

You can have all this musical ecstasy too – here’s the album I’m listening to…”MORE BEST OF LEONARD COHEN.”


Listen to clips of the songs on this album.


You can read all about this album at WikiPedia.

So there is no excuse not to revel in this amazing set of songs.

“Tower of Song” is on now… I can see why these are labeled some of his “best” – I totally agree.

Oh yeah….

I didn’t exactly have a subject line for this blog today. I’ve been housecleaning. I got all wiped out and was sparkling from head to toe so I had to sit down… stuck in this More Best of Leonard Cohen CD and when Leonard is singing, everything else goes right out of my brain…

…so if you’ll excuse me, I need to push my recliner back to ease my aching back (brought on by pushing the vacuum cleaner around this joint!) and groove on The Tower of Song…

Cheers for the velvet voice of the great, incomparable, Mr. Leonard Cohen!


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5 Responses to Everybody Knows….

  1. Leonard Cohen is one of my favourites too! As for Facebook and Twitter, in my view a months content there would barely constitute a blog entry! Not very good reading, compared to a blog entry.

    I am still enjoying my 1961 model Electrolux, which rolls like a charm, and requires no lifting, which is good because it is almost solid metal, and heavy!


  2. Dia says:

    Leonard Cohen is my go-to music for…pretty much any situation. Love him. Thanks for the great album suggestion.


  3. Bex says:

    I not only have a giant Dyson upright vac (which weighs a ton) but I also have an upright Hoover carpet shampoo machine and a Hoover floor cleaning machine. There is only room enough for 2 of them in my coat closet, too, so I have to get one of them put away upstairs… but there is no way I can lug it up the stairs! So that’s a job for super-Paul when he gets home.

    We are having company for supper tonight, an online friend we are meeting in person for the first time, Susan H. I’m leaving it to Paul to cook the lobsters but I’ve just made a big pasta salad and I hope those two things will fill ‘er up! I do have some hot-dog buns if she wants lobster rolls, but Susan says she likes to eat her lobster the old fashioned way, piece by piece starting with the whole body! Not me.. I like plain old tail meat!


  4. Bonnie says:

    Great resting music. 😉 I use a Swiffer now and haven’t dragged the Filter Queen vac out in years. It rolls but is hard to use with my back.


  5. Sandy Freel says:

    THANKS…maybe I will get my dust rag out and shake to his tunes…nice blog.
    I don’t nor will I ever tweet.


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