Random Thoughts from Crow Cottage

I can feel myself slip-sliding away… like Paul Simon wrote… in the blog department anyway. More and more time is spent in other places, in my mind, than in my blog… or even thinking about my blog. I didn’t want that to happen but it has.

I am determined not to abandon it: my little corner of the blogisphere… here at JournalScape. It needs some attention!

So… some random thoughts:

  • In the big scheme of things, like the world news, I have only very tangentially been keeping up with things overseas, i.e. the wars that are being waged in the name of freedom for citizens. There are so many going on right now and I am not proficient in their details, so I’ll just say I wish that all citizens of the World were forced to take up golf in their very early years, and to play golf all through their childhood and into adulthood. I truly think that if every living man, woman, and child had been playing golf, and trying to improve in that sport, then there would probably be no wars at all. There would be a lot of golf courses all over the globe, and that can’t be a bad thing considering how peaceful and pretty they are to be in.
  • In the somewhat smaller scheme of things, like sports, I am slowly losing my interest in baseball. This makes me sad because for about 14 years now, I have been a big Red Sox fan, but anyone who is even slightly following Major League Baseball these days knows why this is happening… I have been revealed, after 14 years, as a fair weather fan of the sport. I like my team to be a winning team – not a pathetically losing team like we are now. The Sox have completely disappointed me this year – and I have to think that last year, when the Sox won the World Series, that was a total fluke. I can remember watching the games and constantly saying to Paul that they would never have won that game if the opposing team hadn’t made so many errors! I think it was pure luck that they won last year, and this year it is more of a reality check.
  • Because I’ve had to refrain from actually watching so much baseball on TV, somehow I got hooked into golf for the first time in my life. My guy is Rory McIlroy who has had a great summer but he is struggling in his current tournament in New Jersey. But there’s always next weekend when they all move up to the Boston area (Norton, MA to be precise) to play in the Deutsche Bank tournament, so that should be fun to watch. I’ve got my seat all picked out and saved.
  • There was an earthquate in California, if you haven’t seen the news yet today. A 6.1 quake with many aftershocks, so they are saying, which can be very scary, indeed. My thoughts and prayers are going out to anyone who lives out there and is experiencing this phenomenon of Mother Earth.
  • I recently learned that an old friend whom I haven’t really seen in many years, even though she doesn’t live that far from me, will be retiring soon and moving to California. I don’t know when or where exactly, but now I am even more concerned for her safety if the earth is going to continue quaking out there like this! And The Big One hasn’t even hit yet… the one they say is way overdue!
  • Books. I am inundated with them. I have just read 3 books out of a 4-book autobiography by “Helen Forrester” about her life growing up in the 1930s and ’40s in Liverpool, England. This one story of hers has turned me into a scholar-wannabe of all things related to Liverpool. I’ve bought some other books on it, I’ve bought some DVDs of movies made in Liverpool, about Liverpool… all just so I can get a better idea of what that incredible city is and has been all about. But I have so many books around me to read that it’s starting to close in on me… I need more hours in the days – even though I am retired and have the whole day to myself – it’s not enough for me! I know I am being very selfish in this regard… but that’s the story. Maybe after the golf is over today, I will get back into my last of the 4 books by Forrester and then move on to my next one, which I’m thinking might be a book I’d started a while ago, “Memories” by Lucy Boston.
  • Music. I’ve just acquired a CD by Archie Fisher and it’s a wonderful selection of Celtic style songs, CD called “Windward Away (click here for samples of the songs) that I’m using to lull myself to sleep at night. I ordered another CD called Songs to Sleep By, but unfortunately after one listen thru I put it away… didn’t work.
  • DVDs. Too confusing to get into here. Got some new ones but since most of you don’t watch British films, what’s the point? Let’s just say that the supply of great British-made movies and TV series is endless as is my appetite for buying them!
  • Lobster. We’ve had lobster for supper twice in the last week or so. Once when Susan H. came here for supper last week, and last night when Paul brought home a few for our supper… I can never complain again about Paul… he comes thru every time! It was so good… He brought it home alive, the pot was already boiling when he walked in the door, in went the bugs into the pot, and 30 minutes later they went down our gullets. The freshest of the fresh New England lobster.
  • Market Basket – the drama. I hope I don’t jinx it, but they say that an agreement to sell the remaining shares of the Market Basket to the good Arthur Demoules, Arthur T, that is, may be done this weekend. And if so, then the stores that have remained non-operational all these many weeks may start filling up with products, and we may get to shop there once again! The supposed deal is that Arthur T. will buy out the rest of the family and he will be the CEO again. I hope – I pray this happens. We are sick of paying almost double each week for our food!
  • One last thing, to George Stavros, my sister’s significant other who lost his Dad yesterday, our sincerest condolences go out to you and your family. I can remember the day I lost my Dad and it was very, very sobering and physically difficult to get through… you are never prepared no matter how old a parent is when they pass on to the next phase of their spirit-life. Best wishes to you all in this sad time for you.
  • That’s all I’ve got – at least that’s all my fingers will allow me to type on this page. They don’t move so quickly anymore over the keyboard, the older I get. But they still work for a little while.

    Cheers all,


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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    15 Responses to Random Thoughts from Crow Cottage

    1. Hil says:

      Now I want lobster! 🙂


    2. Your blog notifications are always a little gem shining through the murk of useless and uninteresting email messages in my inbox! FB is very shallow, unlike your blog, which is rich in content. And FB filters do not allow me to see all the posts which my friends create, I have to search for them, something about clicking I guess. I prefer visiting you on your blog, where you write, I read, a direct and simple process!


    3. TopsyTurvy says:

      Really hope that Arthur T will win out for Market Basket. Certainly sounds like it’s going in that direction, so it’d be nice if they’d get on with it.


    4. Bex says:

      Eric, about Market Basket… they told us that this past weekend there would be a result… an agreement… and I heard on the radio early this a.m. that they did not take a vote and went home without a result… so I wouldn’t count on it just yet… these people are stubborn.


    5. Bex says:

      Nina, I don’t think I’d ever willingly give up on my blog. I have joined FB now and am over the initial thrill of it all… it’s ok for keeping in touch with people but I like a good blog (like yours) so much better than those silly “likes” etc. I have given up doing “likes” in FB and now try to comment more. They say that by “liking” things, the internal mechanism that is FB is spying on you and sends you all sorts of ugly stuff vaguely related to your “likes” – I’ve seen it over and over… and now that I’ve given up clicking on that stupid “Like” button, I haven’t received that stuff anymore from them.


    6. Bex says:

      Harriet, you went to UConn? I didn’t but my Ex went there and one year he invited me to attend a Winter Weekend there – we saw Johnny Mathis in person and I got stupifyingly drunk on Southern Comfort for the first time in my life. I can barely remember what else took place that weekend but I loved the campus. Bill was in Sigma Alpha Epsilon so we hung out there.

      I will probably never give up on the Sox. They are my team after all, but I do wish they’d get their act together and not finish so near or at the bottom of the heap.

      At least I have tennis US Open starting today for 2 weeks and another golf tournament on Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon this weekend… I can fill in any spare time with baseball if I need to.


    7. l'empress says:

      Baseball — you just happened to luck out with a period when the Sox were winning. I was a rabid baseball fan for about forty years, following the Brooklyn Dodgers in the years when the New York papers called them “the Bums.”

      I followed the Mets from 1962 — the year they won 40 and lost 120. They broke our hearts for years; it wasn’t until 1969 that they were winners.

      In the 1950’s the Yankees were the rich team that was run like a business; they bought some of their biggest stars. By 1990 all the teams were commercial, and I just got disgusted.

      I only give an occasional look at baseball now. But I do have terrific university basketball teams, since I am a UConn alumna.


    8. nina says:

      In sports, it’s so often the case that if your favorite loses, the game no longer matters. I remember that’s what happened in England and the World Cup. Elsewhere, everyone was going nuts over “football,” but England went out early and so in the pubs, no one bothered to follow along anymore.

      I’m glad you haven’t abandoned your blog. FB is fun, but this has so much more substance and information! Thank you!


    9. Eric Mayer says:

      Oh my, you don’t have to tell me about drifting away from blogs.

      Drifting away from baseball though…I started following the Yankees in the early sixties when they were right at the end of their incredible streak of winning nearly ever year. During the sixties they were suddenly a last place team as Mantle and all their stars went over the cliff at once. It was the last seventies before they revived again (the Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter, Ron Guidry, Greg N3ttles era) and that was only briefly Then it was another twenty years in the wilderness until 1997. The Red Sox are a well run team with deep pockets. They will be back.

      I am only interested in being in contention most of the year. Actually winning it all — with the current playoffs — takes too much luck to count on.

      Great news that the good guys are about to win the Market Basket war. How often does that happen?


    10. Bex says:

      Karen, “over near you” – where is that?

      Too bad about the lobster. It was probably the mayonnaise that went bad, not the lobster. You have to be really careful in summertime with mayonnaise in anything. I never leave it out for more than a few minutes no matter what time of year it is. I got food poisoning once from a tuna w/mayo sandwich that had been out most of the day in a boat… I’ll never forget that!


    11. Karen DiCicco says:


      We were just over near you with two of the grandkids.

      We planned on introducing them to lobster, but I had a lobster roll at a place in Plymouty and it was awful and made me sick. We had wanted to stop at a fish/lobster shack but that went by the wayside this time. Hope they get to try them before too long.


    12. sandy freel says:

      Good blog…I don’t have tv so always nice to catch up on news from you .
      You are not boring us…just do one when mood hits you .


    13. Bex says:

      Thanks WendyNC… you are too kind.

      Bonnie, I just went and looked… I do believe you have more stuff than I do! I am trying to work up the energy (mental mainly) to clean out my room upstairs – where my office stuff is and where my bed is… all in one room. I want a plain bedroom again! I don’t know how to consolidate things. I wish I could afford to hire an organizer!


    14. Bonnie says:

      I do hope your Market Basket does come back.

      Like the last picture for some reason, calmness? cleanliness? I have a lot of dust down my long shot I bet.

      Did you see my last entry? Gave a tour of my office walls. LOL


    15. WendyNC says:

      Bex, good on ya for hanging in there with your blog. It’s always nice to read about what you’re up to.


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