They Brought Back Artie T

Click to listen to the new song, “They Brought Back Artie T.”

Can’t wait for the next shopping trip to happen.

Here’s another love song for Market Basket, albeit a little rough around the edges but heartfelt and quite entertaining!

Cheers for a fight well fought, for a victory well won, and for the honest and truly GOOD people who still walk this Earth… #1 of them being Mr. Artie T!


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5 Responses to They Brought Back Artie T

  1. Bex says:

    Cambridge??? What? Harvard is IN Cambridge, MA, but last time I checked, Cambridge University was still sitting pretty across the pond in England!

    Happy to hear you enjoy my blog. I would love to hear more about what life is like for you there in Greece. Never been farther than England but I have an online friend, Nina, who travels to Europe a lot and I feel that I’ve visited there through her travel blog called THE OTHER SIDE OF THE OCEAN. You might enjoy it also if you haven’t already discovered it.


  2. Christos G. Makrypoulias says:

    Bex – Yes, I do live in Greece. I’m afraid Mass. makes the news here very rarely (I think the last time was the Boston bombing in April 2013). Apparently the fact that the Demoulas family are Greek-American was what made the local TV stations pay attention. TV and Internet journalists are not that well informed on states other than New York and California. I still remember an online piece on Boston from last year: the young journalist was mentioning the many top universities in the area, “including Harvard, MIT and Cambridge University”… PS: Reading your blog is a pleasure!


  3. Bex says:

    Do you live in Greece, Christos? Thanks for commenting in my blog. Do you get a lot of our local news over there, if so? Yes, the Good Guy won – Paul has been up to Market Basket to get some milk and eggs yesterday and he said it’s as if nothing had happened…it has taken them only 2 days to get almost all the shelves filled with product again… amazing – every one of them!


  4. Christos G. Makrypoulias says:

    The saga of the Demoulas family has finally made it on Greek TV news. People here talk about the feud between the members of “Boston’s Greek family of supermarket moguls”! It’s always nice (yet sadly very rare) when the good guy wins!


  5. TopsyTurvy says:

    *chuckle* Just goes to show you can make a song about anything.

    Glad he’s back, though.


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