Get Rich Quick Scheme?

From CBS Boston news:

PGA player Billy Horschel faced a big dilemma over the weekend: be with his wife who is due to give birth or play in a tournament that could give him an $11+ million payday?

Horschel and his wife agreed that he should play.

He came in first in the Tour Championship to claim a $1.44 million prize plus a $10 million bonus.

In the past, some athletes have left to be with their wives.

Do you think athletes should be present when their wives are due to give birth or keep playing for a big paycheck?

This was a topic of discussion last night as I related the day’s golf news to Paul when he got home from work. I, of course, was rooting for my guy, Rory McIlroy, but it wasn’t to be for Rory this time (he tied for 2nd with Jim Furyk).

One Billy Horschel won the latest tournament and, in turn, not only got $1.44 million for these 4 days of golf but won the FedEx Cup (cumulating points from multiple tournaments) which gave him another $10 million bonus.

Like I said, I was rooting for Rory. But, before this tournament began, I told Paul that I would be OK if Billy Horschel won it because he seemed like a nice bloke… his wife was having their first child, a girl, very soon, and also it was reported that Billy hadn’t come from a childhood of privilege and money but rather was quite poor growing up and had made it to the top in golf all by himself and his talent.

“I come from a very blue-collar family,” he wrote on his website early in 2013. “My family never had lots of money. I wasn’t a country-club kid, so I always wanted to make it big to be able to repay my family for all they had done for me.”

In an interview I saw, he explained that he and his wife had discussed this particular situation in depth, and although he would dearly love to be there with her for the birth of their first child, it would behoove them to see if he could, indeed, win the FedEx Cup and thereby increase their bank account by the $11+ million.

He said he would fly out to see her if she had the baby while he was playing and then come right back the next morning… but that they both made the decision to go for the money… a get rich quick scheme,one might say.

In the end, he made a good decision. I am not sure if she had the baby yet, but I did not hear any news that she had, so he may be able to be there anyway, AND he went on to win the whole pot of $11 million! A nice little New Baby Gift I’d say.

Is being present for the birth of a child a MUST for dads these days? They used to kick them out into the hall and let the professionals do all the work (not to mention the mother) but these days people seem to get all worked up if the dad isn’t there to “help” with the pushing and breathing and giving comfort not to mention with the video camera!

So which is it? Go home and await the birth in case it comes over the weekend, or stay and play golf and end up winning the family fortune?

(BTW, I think she is still a week or two from delivery date!)



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8 Responses to Get Rich Quick Scheme?

  1. TopsyTurvy says:

    Looks to me like they did what was right for them, as they should.


  2. Bex says:

    Eric, that’s kinda what I thought… I would think a new family could use $11 million a little more than a “push, breathe, one-two-three-four —” when that could be uttered by some nurse!

    I never knew you had children?


  3. Eric Mayer says:

    I was there for my kids, which was cool for me, but I was of no actual use in the delivery room. I would have done more good for the family by being someplace else winning $11 million!


  4. As a single woman with no children, I can only give an opinion.

    I would say that it would have to be discussed in length between the couple. I believe that, frightened though I might be, I would send my husband – but mainly because we are not rich. If we had a lot of money in the bank already, I would want him with me every second.

    Oops – boss is here – gotta go!


  5. WendyNC says:

    I quite sure that it’s an decision to be made by the couple involved and whatever they decide is the right thing for them.

    As for fathers in the delivery room, mine was there in 1956. Then again, my mother had very progressive obstetricians.


  6. sandy freel says:

    PLAY THE GAME…mine wasn’t there and I did just fine having 3 …
    Now days they can but this is very good game he shouldn’t miss…I go with playing the game


  7. Irene Bean says:

    I’ve had it both ways. When Chase & Rachel were born fathers were kept out of the delivery room. It was still the era when mothers (maybe not all) did all the work and then were knocked out for the actual birth, which in hindsight seems silly. When David was born, my husband was with me and I was fully present as David entered the world. Of note, both times were incredibly special – sharing our children’s arrivals. It was our child and as best possible a shared experience. A celebration of something we uniquely created.

    Regarding your post, though, I think he made the right decision. 🙂


  8. l'empress says:

    Over the years husbands have not always been able to leave work for the birth of a child. So I consider it a wonderful advantage.

    As recently as forty-two years ago, husbands were still not allowed in the labor room or delivery room. But six years ago (September 2008) my son was there to assist in the birth of his first child. What a gift!

    Should it always be allowed? Depends on the dad. (Not if he’s the squeamish type!)


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