Vera Brittain – “Testament of Youth”

October 1914: Vera Brittain arrives for the new academic year at Oxford


We watched this series here at home recently and it has changed my life. Vera Brittain has changed everything for me.

Here is the series, the older (and, IMO, the better) version of this – I see that a more current 2014 version is out but from what I glimpsed of it, it is nothing like this very well-done version that is a little older. So here are the 6 parts of

“Testament of Youth”

by Vera Brittain

PART 1 of 6:

PART 2 of 6:

PART 3 of 6:

PART 4 of 6:

PART 5 of 6:

PART 6 of 6:

Vera Brittain info on wikipedia.

Info on Vera at the Peace Pledge Union Project page.

Left: Roland Leighton Right: Vera Brittain

This is a story for the ages. A love story. A story of war heroes and heroines. A story of loss. A story of high ideals and hard lessons learned.

Cheers for the Vera Brittains of this World!


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8 Responses to Vera Brittain – “Testament of Youth”

  1. Bex, Thanks for sharing. I have not had the time to preview but hope to be able to watch. I’m glad you are enjoying this so! x0x0x0x


  2. Betty Lou says:

    I started watching your videos and then couldn’t stop until I watched all six. Thanks, Bec.


  3. Bex says:

    TT, It got me interested in WWI. I have now quite a few books on this subject, a lot to do with Vera, and it’s like eating peanuts, you just can’t stop once you’ve started. I dream of it now, it’s taken over my brain. That “war to end all wars” – it was such a waste of humanity, and THEN comes along WWII and it happens all over again. Vera was an anti-war advocate all her life, even though at the time she encouraged her male friends/brother to join the fight – they just didn’t know what havoc it would all cause and the loss they’d all suffer. It just makes me so sad to think that we are always at war in this world, damn war, and for what? I don’t understand men because I truly blame all the wars on them.


  4. Eric Mayer says:

    Looks interesting but, alas, as with most media it is beyond the capabilities of my dial-up.


  5. TopsyTurvy says:

    How did it change everything for you, Bex?


  6. Bex says:

    Anna, I saw some clips from the new 2014 version of this film and it looked just awful… this one with Cheryl Campbell was superb… xxx


  7. sandy freel says:

    Will save and watch …maybe yet tonite..thanks


  8. Annanotbob3 says:

    I haven’t seen it as film/TV, but it’s a wonderful book, written by VB xxx


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