Coming Home

Speaking of Cornwall, have you ever seen the British mini-series “Coming Home” (from the book by Rosamunde Pilcher)?

As luck would have it, I found it on youtube and here it is:

Coming Home – Part 1

Coming Home – Part 2

Being a big fan of Pilcher’s novels anyway, when I acquired Coming Home, I enjoyed it immensely. When I became aware there had been a miniseries made, I had to see it. Luckily I bought the DVD and have since watched this series several times. I never seem to tire of it. The scenery of the southwestern coast of England is like candy for the eyes. Oh how I’d love to visit there…

It’s a story of a girl/woman, Judith Dunbar, first played by a 12 year old Kyra Knightly and then as a young woman by Emily Mortimer, and of her best friend, played by Katie Ryder Richardson as the very colorful Loveday Carey-Lewis. With back-up roles by Joanna Lumley and Peter O’Toole, Penelope Keith, David McCallum, and Carol Drinkwater who plays Judith’s aunt, it spans the years before, during and after the onset of WWII in England. It’s a superbly made film and one I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t had the chance yet to see it.

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9 Responses to Coming Home

  1. Netflix does not have them. I watched the first one and just sort of followed along. The scenery was mesmerizing. So beautiful. I’m in the middle of the other one and will try to finish that tomorrow. I’m really enjoying them Thanks for sharing! x0x0x0x0x


  2. Damn! No closed captions. I am going to look to see if Netflix has this. It looks sooooooooo good!


  3. Bex, I’m still trying to catch up. Not enough hours and too many distractions. But I am thankful you posted all this and will in the near future indulge! x0x0x0x


  4. Bex says:

    I just left you a comment AVA… go into settings and click “comments” and make sure you’ve checked the first circle… and you are not too old!!! Silly duck… just go slow and write me if you get stuck…I’m retired and always around here. email is on my blog page at end of my long list of links! xxxx


  5. Such a good film, Bex!! Thanks so much for posting it. Makes me want to go there. I sent your URL to a friend of mine so she could watch it. I tried to start another blog here. this the title, “Elder” but I think I must be too old and lazy to keep it up. Take care, Ava.


  6. Annanotbob3 says:

    Ooh, I loved Rosamund Pilcher’s books when I read them. ages ago now – will check to see if I missed any! x


  7. Bex says:


    No! You are right – my mistake! Oh wow, it wasn’t Carol Drinkwater who died (I liked her best too as Mrs. Herriot) but it was Mrs. Herriot #2 who died…Lynda Bellingham. What a mix-up, I do apologize for that. The older I get, the more holes are appearing in my gray matter.


  8. Eric Mayer says:

    Surely Carol Drinkwater hasn’t died. There’s a post on her blog today.

    I have to say she was by far my favorite Mrs Herriot. I thought her successor a pale imitation if the actress did resemble her.


  9. sandy from iowa says:

    I have seen it and read book…very good both are


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