DAD 1921 – 2014 – A Good Long Life

Today, November 4, 2014, Paul’s Dad passed on to greener pastures… less painful pastures… happier pastures.

Here is a photographic essay of what I have of him in pictures. Elmer was a wonderful, gentle, hard-working, talented, funny, devoted, and loving man, husband, father/father-in-law, and friend.

Elmer Nathan Crowell

1921 ~ 2014

A young Elmer and Eleanor, at the beginning:


Taken in South Berwick, Maine, in front of the magnolia tree we gave them for their anniversary one year:

Mom and Dad Crowell, S. Berwick, ME

The Crowells and Barrys out to eat. Paul’s sister Leslie Barry is next to her Dad and her husband, (also Paul). In front: Paul’s Mom, Eleanor, me, Patrick Barry, and my Paul:

The Crowells & the Barrys

This is my favorite picture of Paul and his folks, taken before we were married, in 1985. I think I’d only just met them!

Paul & His Folks 1985

Taken a few years ago when we had supper with them in their “independent living apartment”:

Dad, Mom & Paul @ Brooksby Apt.

One Christmas at their apartment:

Paul & The Folks

I love this shot:


and this one:


Father and son:

Paul & Dad

This always makes me laugh. Note who gets most of the sofa — and who doesn’t!

Jaz, Paul, Mom & Dad and a smidge of The Whit

They were square-dancers and these were their costumes:


One of my faves of them:


In Maine, we brought lobsters for supper! Dad was happy!


Mom was happy too:


Paul’s family was a lobstering family through and through.

His grandfather was a boat-builder and a lobsterman, Paul’s dad Elmer worked at GE as a machinist all his life, but when he came home from a long day at work, he hot-footed it down to the harbor to his skiff and out he’d go to pull up lobster traps til the sun went down. He loved it out there on the water. And now Paul is in his 50th year (give or take) of lobstering, as well, carrying on the family tradition. Too bad we can’t teach Kip how to haul traps!

Elmer is at peace now, away from his 93 year old body that hadn’t been kind to him over the last decade or so. He’s in a better place, as they say.

See you later, Dad! Keep the light on for us…

Sarah, Rebecca, Jane, Paul, and Elmer

Dad was Paul’s Best Man!

With love,

Bex and Paul

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14 Responses to DAD 1921 – 2014 – A Good Long Life

  1. Bex says:

    Thanks Eric. Paul and his Dad got along very well. They worked in tandem on a lot of home projects, his Dad had the know-how and Paul was a willing learner! somewhere I have a picture of them on top of our roof putting in a new roof vent – yikes! It was scary up there but they went ahead and did the job with no problems. Lots of memories…


  2. Eric Mayer says:

    Guess I need a better feed reader since I am not being alerted to your posts on time.

    I am sorry to hear about Paul’s dad passing. Though it is sometimes a blessing still it is difficult blessing for those of us left behind to accept.

    Great photo tribute. Ah, that sailor’s uniform. I have pics of my mom and dad with my dad in that uniform.

    It’s wonderful that Paul and his dad apparently got along so well and that Paul had such a good influence. I guess if he didn’t feel that way he wouldn’t be lobstering.


  3. Rosemary says:

    Moving tribute, wonderful photographs and told a story of a dear, kind man. Thank you for sharing,. My condolences to the family.


  4. Nina Camic says:

    A beautiful post: his spirit and good deeds come through at every turn. My condolences and hugs…oxox


  5. Bex says:

    No, Bonnie, Eleanor (Mom) is not gone. She is over at the nursing facility still. Dad had Alzheimer’s and had it pretty bad(ly). She has dementia which isn’t quite so bad but still not great. She knows Dad has gone now and she is OK with it, he suffered a lot in the recent years and she witnessed it all. She knows he’s good now… and accepts it. But still, it’s tough after so many years of being joined at the hip almost. They were best friends and constant companions for all their adult lives.


  6. Bonnie says:

    Assuming his mother is also gone. Nice post on them.


  7. Annanotbob3 says:

    My condolences to you both, Bex. He looks like a lovely man xxx


  8. Karen G. DiCicco says:

    He sounds to have been a good man and father.


  9. TopsyTurvy says:

    What a lovely tribute to an obviously wonderful man.

    My condolences, Bex and Paul, on the loss of Paul’s father – Elmer. What a nice name, Elmer. And it suited him: kind, homey…


  10. Bex,

    Sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. Such a nice tribute to your friend, father-in-law. He has seen so much in those 93 blessed years! Love the pictures you chose. A lot of happiness expressed In them.

    I too like the closing “Keep the light on for us”.



  11. Condolences to you all. What a lovely tribute to a a good man and a happy life. “Keep the light on for us…” words I will not forget, they so well express being human.


  12. sandy freel says:

    Very nice blog you did for him…may he RIP now and so free of pain and sickness.
    He was a wonderful pop for your paul…gave him good values to follow.


  13. l'empress says:

    What great pictures illustrating sweet memories to hold. Though you mourn his loss, at least you know he is at peace. My condolences to Paul and his mother, as well as to you.


  14. WendyNC says:

    Bex, what a wonderful celebration and remembrance of a life well-lived.


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