The Status Quo

The way it is…

Technology has gotten the better of me this week and has drained the living spirits right out of my soul.

All of a sudden, I wasn’t getting emails sent by my best friend. She was sending them, but I never got them. So where are they?

I would send emails to her and they went through to hers just fine… but none back from her here on my end.

This is not good. And anyone who is close to me by now knows about it as I’ve been ranting about this problem to anyone who would listen this last week.

And it’s been almost a whole week!

I tried everything from my end. Nothing worked. I’d get one or two of her emails drizzling in but it was many many hours later, even days later, than they should have come to my mailbox.

Finally, the other day I was at a loss. I resorted to getting “help” from the on-line chat person at verizon.

What am I? Nuts?

Her name was Padma. Yes. Padma.

Actually, despite being called Padma, she was very nice and I put my problem in her hands. By the end of our “session” of typing back and forth in the little chat box, and all this after she took control of my computer remotely (!), she said that my problem should be resolved now.

Of course I couldn’t tell if it was resolved until I got Sandy to email me here again. And she was busy with Life there at her place. So, eventually she tried writing me back and still it was not good.

The following day I would get dribs and drabs of her emails, all in reply to mine, but they were way later than they should have been… many many hours late!

To make a long story short, I have had to open up a new gmail address so that Sandy and I can chat as usual, off and on all day, when we have time… because if I can’t do that with her, well, Life just sucks.

I have not been back to the chat-lady yet to lower the boom that all is not well here. I will but not yet. It has so wiped me out of energy and optimism that I just need to let it go for now.

But if anyone out there who is reading this has, for one reason or another, been trying to reach me by email and I have not responded back, it may be (but I doubt it) that this problem involves your addy too. But so far I think it’s just Sandy’s (it’s a hotmail addy).

And that’s my story, for better or for worse. (worse!)

Un-cheers for verizon this week – from a not-so-happy-customer,


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7 Responses to The Status Quo

  1. sandy freel says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind words…My William had lived a long good life but his illness was just to much for him to keep on…he is at peace now.


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    OMG! I’m so sorry to hear about Sandy’s DH passing away! Sending deepest condolences to Sandy and also to you, Bex.

    With the email, if you can open another gmail account and you get Sandy’s emails just fine then the problem isn’t your computer or Verizon, it’s got to be something with that gmail account.

    Sending you both *hugs*


  3. Condolences to both you and Sandy. Sorry.


  4. Bex says:

    I have to sadly report that today, as I was doing my blog probably, my best friend Sandy (from Iowa)’s husband passed away.

    Sandy, you know my heartfelt sympathies are with you, my dearest friend. xoxoxox

    Maybe he’s met up with Paul’s dad up there?


  5. Eric Mayer says:

    What a horror story. How I dread computer problems. And needing to call tech support is almost worse. I never get anyone with a name like Padma. Although all the tech people I speak too have heavy Indian accents, and are apparently located in India, they all have names like Joe and Frank. Amazing! I really think if I someday die of a heart attack it will be brought on by computer problems. Hope you can get back to normal now.


  6. Bex,

    Sorry about cyber woes. I have had them recently as you know. Mine were very different than yours is though. All the same annoying. I hope it gets figured out and you don’t go loco trying.


  7. l'empress says:

    How annoying! What happens if you send an email to yourself?


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