Dad’s Home.

Are we having fun yet?


First my father-in-law died on the 4th. Then my best friend’s husband passed on, on the 13th. That’s two people close to my heart in a week. Now all of a sudden I am wondering about that third one… you know, they always say things happen in 3’s. I’m waiting now for the last shoe to drop.

Plus, with all my problems with email during this time period, I’m starting to wonder if it’s all related.

Just today Sandy and I were able to email each other the old way, with my original email addy. We sent E’s back and forth furiously, happy to be chatting again like we usually do in the mornings. It all seems to have righted itself, but I have no idea why.

Another niggling thing is that over at Nina’s blog, I can’t comment now. Somehow I got “signed out” with the comment set-up she has and no matter what I do, it will not work.

I think the World is coming to an end. I really do. I feel strange vibrations in the air.

My birdbath’s water in the front garden is now a skating rink for birds. And chipmunks. And squirrels. I am not buying a heated birdbath, although I did have one once, but it was more of a heated dog-dish that I put on the back deck for the birds to use. That was thrown away long ago. I don’t think Paul would look too kindly on me using electric power to heat the bird’s drinking and bathing water. He pays that bill each month. He doesn’t have a soft spot for the little critters of the outdoors like I have.

Then there’s the subject of the curtains. I like to have “winter” curtains and “summer” curtains, as you may know. Well, for some unknown reason, I came up short this year with no winter curtains for the breakfast room.


That room (above with summer curtains) gets really cold in winter. It used to be a porch room and sits down a step from the rest of the house. The back door is there and air gets under it. And we have big windows too. So usually I have some nice warm heavy curtains that we can draw each night to block out the cold air. But not this year. I don’t remember what I had there last year either. So I’ve just spent an exasperating hour putting up some old tab curtains I’ve had hanging in my closet for several years, having tired of them. I don’t really like them but they will have to do. For now.

Breakfast room w/cookbooks

Previously I had these red ones, hmmmm, now where are those?

We’ve lucked out in the snow department so far. We’ve only had a dusting a few weeks ago. None now. Even when they told us the other night we’d wake up to 4 inches, we had nothing, only rain. Fine with me.

One good thing. Since we had a new roof installed on our house, the mice problem in under the roof and in the walls has completely disappeared.

Since I just got a new subscriber to my blog here (Hi Lois!), I thought I should at least do an entry, even though I am not really in the mood for it. I can feel a writer’s block coming on so don’t be alarmed if I disappear for days on end, or weeks…

…then again, maybe something will move in me and the spirit will be back. Or the muse… whatever it is.

Here is a picture I’ll leave you with.. remember Paul’s dad, Elmer, about whom I wrote recently when he’d passed away?

Dad and Kip

He’s back home now. In the bag there on the table, in a box inside the bag. Dad’s home.



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11 Responses to Dad’s Home.

  1. Eric Mayer says:

    Well, I hope they gave you something more than a bag…yeah, I know they did. We’ve got two cats in tins on the office shelf but no parents. I hope Paul’s okay with the arrangement.

    I’m sorry to hear about your losses. Mary also is prone to look for things to come in threes. Let’s hope both of you are just superstitious.


  2. sandy freel says:

    My William comes home on tue or wed…his ashes will be in antique oak bucket till spring.
    Glad you have your dad home


  3. Bex says:

    Not at all, Teri. It’s a comfort having Dad sitting over there on the side table, joining in with us and the dogs every day. I talk to him in the bag every day. And he always used to say that being here at our house was his favorite place in the world, he thought it was so homey and not pretentious. So here he stays, at least for now. Happily. Not hard.


  4. TopsyTurvy says:

    Sounds like a really good idea to get around the problem, Bex. Though I hope that it won’t be too hard on you or Paul having Dad around until then.



  5. Bex says:

    Well, since you asked, our plans for Dad are to wait until Mother goes to be with him. It’s a long story but the cemetery people said he couldn’t go into the family plot unless we got written permission from a whole long list of relatives since the plot was purchased by one of Mother’s long-ago relatives before 1929. But if they both were to go in there together (ashes), no permission would be needed. So that’s the plan. Dad waits for Mom, and they go in together. Over in Marblehead.


  6. Bonnie says:

    Dad’s Home…. plans to scatter? Urn? 🙂

    Sorry this has been a trying time for you. That’s the problem as we age, losing friends and relatives.


  7. TopsyTurvy says:

    Yes, you haven’t been having the best month so far. I’m sorry about that.

    What are you going to be doing with Dad?



  8. Bex, sorry for your losses, what an intense month you have had.

    Our windows at the country house are huge, and old, and the seal on the double glaze is broken on several of them. We board up the windows for the winter, except in the main living area. In the living area all we have is blinds, and when we open them the room chills noticeably, so they must be keeping some of the heat in. Lined drapes would probably help a great deal, but they would also cost a great deal, so not for now.


  9. Dia says:

    Bex –

    Sorry about such a terrible month, phew it’s been a tough one.

    As for the email problem, there’s a known/unknown bug in Gmail that causes emails to just suddenly stop – or slow down – for no explainable reason. Sometimes it’s the originating domain that’s gotten into (onto?) a Gmail blacklist, sometimes it’s just kismet. We finally switched to online Outlook for this very reason. Had friends with .mac addresses who suddenly vanished (among others but there does seem to be an Apple/Google thing involved) AND we missed important emails (there are, occasionally, important emails…)

    I hope your month looks up soon.


  10. Nina Camic says:

    I admit it — we sleep with no curtains. Love to look out and see the various shades of light!
    Bummer about your month thus far. As for the blog — well, you could sign out and then start afresh? Or ask Sleeps With Rocks – who had a signing in problem for a while…
    Let me know if issues continue. TO a better second half of November!


  11. Bex, Very sorry about your troubles. This has been a rough month for you.

    I have summer and winter curtains/drapes too. I need to change the ones I my room. Hubby doesn’t want any curtains in his room because he wants to see the woods. Burrrrr.


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