There Are Places….

A little Saturday morning get-away to the Yorkshire Dales and winding up in the North Yorkshire Moors. Stunning views, relaxing, and a great way to wile away a lazy Saturday morning if you are so inclined:

1) The Yorkshire Dales – When Are You Coming? (time: 2:49)

2) A Walk in the Yorkshire Dales (this is priceless, especially the narrator and his wonderful Yorkshire accent): (time: 20:55 but worth it!)

3) For you train enthusiasts, a driver’s-eye view of the Settle-to-Carlisle railway, non-stop, “…arguably the most scenic railway route in the United Kingdom.” (Carlisle being in southern Scotland and Settle being in the Yorkshire Dales): (time: 9:54)

4) Alastair Sawday tours the North Yorkshire Moors: (time: 5:18)

In that #4 video, note at the beginning the fabulous view of ROSEBERRY TOPPING. One year Paul and I climbed that “mountain” – yes, it’s just over 1,000 feet high and can, therefore, be called a “mountain.”

We climbed a mountain – probably the only one we will ever climb. It was stunning.

And here we are, atop Roseberry Topping:

Pau & Bex - top of Roseberry Topping N. Yorkshire

This was taken by me on the climb back down Roseberry, a real bluebell kind of day:

Roseberry Topping, Bluebells on the path back down

Roseberry topping from afar:

Here’s our Paul and Sandy, high atop Sutton Bank in North Yorkshire, overlooking the most wonderful place on Earth:

Sandy & Paul at Sutton Bank - the best view in the world

Wave goodbye!

Sandy atop Sutton Bank, N. Yorkshire, England 2002

What you don’t know or see from this picture above is that Sandy, before she came to this spot with us, was severely afraid of heights, just like this… she was being very brave to sit down there by the edge of Sutton Bank and overlook all that beauty… but once she did, I guarantee you she wouldn’t have traded that moment for all the tea in China! (Right San?)

Cheers for places in the world we all would love to be,


P.S. An added bonus, (Published Oct. 3, 2012: “As it’s 28 years since the world’s fastest steam locomotive, A4 No.4468 “Mallard” returned (albeit briefly) to the main line, here is a VERY rare documentary recorded on its original and only ever transmission back on Monday 10th July 1989 which showed “Mallard” hauling railtours on the beautiful Settle and Carlisle railway over the weekend of July 16th and 17th 1988. (time: 28:30)

P.P.S. Last but not least, The History of the Settle-Carlisle Railray.

“The Settle-Carlisle line is England’s most scenic railway. This video describes its history from construction in the 1870s (with original Victorian photos) to the present day, and finishes with a scenic trip along the famous railway” – enjoy! (time: 9:19):

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13 Responses to There Are Places….

  1. Bex says:

    Nina – You are so right, Carlisle is just on the England side of the border with Scotland. We’ve been there a few times and it was always my understanding that Carlisle was IN Scotland, but now that you mention it, it is just south of the Scottish border. You learn something new every day!


  2. Nina Camic says:

    Beautiful stuff!
    Just one wee Q: having changed trains in Carlisle just recently, I have to think you mean Carlisle in the Lake District of England?
    Really spectacular part of the world. Thank you!


  3. Bex, Yes. 449 steps…yikes. I could not do that either I don’t think. Perhaps if I did a cup of coffee? Thanks for sharing the photos. Very beautiful.


  4. Bex says:

    Regarding rock climbing, Nora, I assume you meant Malham Cove? The limestone topped cliff? That was one of our favorite places. There are a set of rock steps going up the side of that place, up to the top, and there are 499 steps. We walked up ALL of them one year (I could never do it now!) and up on the top, what a view! I have a fear of heights, so we didn’t get too near the edge but near enough so that my heart was in my throat!

    Steps going up to the top of Malham Cove:

    Looking at the Cove:

    View atop Malham looking back from whence you came:

    This place is used as an amphitheater where they have concerts and plays – the sound coming off the cliffside makes it an ideal spot for that. The British people are really good at combining nature with enjoyment of the arts.


  5. I enjoyed the videos. Never quite understood rock climbing. Seems so risky. Such beautiful country and I can see why you love it so. Last video was very interesting. I watched the first one twice though. Green, green, green!


  6. Susan Honthumb says:

    Very interesting stuff here. I, too, will have to return and view the links. I am on skimming mode right now.


  7. Love the photos. You look so happy Bex. Sandy is brave! I’ll have to come back later on this evening to watch the videos. I’m busy catching up. Today was an out and abouter. x0x0x0x0x Thanks for sharing.


  8. Bex says:

    Thanks Reens, yes, I would probably lump Ireland into the most beautiful places, but since I’ve never been there, I cannot speak from experience. But from what I’ve seen in movies made there, it’s just divine. It was such a shame so many Irish had to leave their beloved homeland for other lands. Ireland these days seems to be thriving, thankfully.


  9. Irene Bean says:

    Breathtaking! Just so beautiful. The closest I’ve come to this type of landscape was during my two visits to Ireland where it became abundantly clear why it’s called the Emerald Isle. Thanks so much for the tour. Loved the photo of you and Paul.


  10. Bex says:

    Oh yes, Sandy… that drop-off was a little scary, for sure, and I’m really surprised there isn’t some kind of a fence there at the edge… I wonder if anyone, adults or little ‘uns, ever go tumbling over the edge along there?

    After I’d finished this entry, I went back and added a couple of videos at the end that are quite good ones… especially the last one, begins and ends with some lovely music and shows the history of the Settle-Carlisle Railway!


  11. sandy freel says:

    What they don’t see with my photo is the drop off only two feet away from where I was setting.
    Yorkshire is the best!!!!!


  12. Bex says:

    Maggie, one of the things I love the most about the British people is that they seem to love to get away for a day or a weekend at every opportunity. They have all kinds of “Bank Holidays” scattered throughout their yearly calendar and when those blessed 3-day weekends occur, you can just feel the migration from all the little homes, cottages, flats… outside into the open air, sun or rain, wind or snow, in the droves… pushing their babies in prams, walking with sticks, and enjoying the natural beauty that is England, Scotland, and Wales.

    I’m not sure when they all get their weekend chores done, but the getting out and about is very high up on their to-do lists!


  13. Thanks for all the tours Bex! I have never been, will probably never be, to England. I loved the James Herriot books, and understand the call.

    What struck me about the tours though, is that everyone seemed to have enough time to go for a hike… God I would love to have some free time with Attila when there wasn’t snow and ice and frigid winds!!! There, got all that envy out of my system!


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