Repairs, Diagnostics, Problems, Oh My!

I hesitate to write this now because it’s an update on things happening here, and those things are still in progress, i.e. the Verizon repairman and truck are still out front. He is rewiring the houses to the pole.

I had set up an appointment to have a repairman come out and try to see why we were getting lots of loud static on our phones lately. I figured it was due to all the wild wet weather we’ve been having.

Rather than wait for hours on the phone with them, I did all the arranging via the computer online. Much easier! Well, they scheduled me for (last) Friday between 1 & 5 pm. I waited around all afternoon and they NEVER CAME!

Then I noticed once that the static was gone on the phone, but then again it came back.

Today, Monday, around 9:30, a Verizon truck pulled up across the street by our telephone pole. He said he would go up and check the connections first (which is free if that’s where the problem is). It costs me money if he has to come inside the house.

We also noticed this morning we had a red light on the phone saying “phone line is in use” when it wasn’t – it was hung up… and we had NO DIAL TONE. I told him that.

He went up the pole and fiddled with stuff and finally my phone rang and it was “Paul the repairman” (not “my” Paul), saying he’d found the problem. The wire to the pole was totally corroded and finally had just broken apart totally.

He rewired it and now our phone is fine.

On the medical front, Paul has been working like mad since getting out of the hospital. Once he stopped feeling the spinning/dizziness, he’s been doing his regular work.

He has an appointment to see his GP at 11:45 this morning. He still has “buzzing/grainy sounds” in one side of his head which I personally don’t think is from the vertigo, but I could be wrong. He does still get the spinning but only when arising from bed.

We did another Epley maneuver on him this morning, regarding the right side of his head this time, but the buzzing did not go away. It’s not the worst thing for him; the spinning was much worse, and he is not getting that now unless he lies down and gets up fast.

He is moving lobster traps now from the landing at the harbor to our driveway. He has to drive down to Gloucester (25 miles one way) and pick up 50 new lobster trap kits he ordered a while ago.

I just want my boring life back. I am sick of diagnosing medical ailments!

So that’s the scoop. Phone problem fixed for now.

Oh, there is one more thing that’s bothering me. On my laptop, the little hinge that holds the screen onto the body portion is “wonky” meaning it’s just not exactly right..a little off kilter (like Paul!!!). I am afraid it’s going to break when I open it or close it sometime soon! I’m tempted to keep it open all the time now. I do not want to lose use of my laptop!

Paul is giving me a tablet (which I’ve already bought and is upstairs in the box) for Xmas and I want to set that up and get it going, but Paul suggested I wait til Xmas as that’s my only gift from him. I may not last that long, especially if anything happens with my laptop.

My question is this: With a tablet, what things can’t it do that a laptop can do? I have no idea how those things work. Can I visit web sites OK? The one I got has a case and a keyboard for it… I guess I’ll find out once I set it up, but I’m quite anxious about all that. I hate setting stuff up. It took my computer guru all afternoon to set my laptop up and now he’s gone so it’s just me.


I wonder what a life without gadgets would be like again?

I have “deleted” my account at Facebook, in case anyone is wondering about that. It wasn’t doing it for me anymore.



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8 Responses to Repairs, Diagnostics, Problems, Oh My!

  1. Bex says:

    Nora, The phone co. charges to come inside because it’s your/our equipment that is at fault and not their lines. Out on the pole, that is their responsibility. Inside it is all “our” responsibility.

    I have not taken the tablet out to set it up. I am trying to hold off until Xmas so Paul has something for me as a gift. I always get him more stuff than he gets me and so far I think this is my only gift… he’s had other stuff on his mind and I don’t need new things… and if I do I usually order them myself!


  2. I wonder why there would be a charge if the repair man entered the house? I’m glad it all got handled-outside!

    Wonky, I like that. I think we’re all a little bit wonky…..a little off the hinge.

    How is the tablet coming along? Does it measure up?

    I’m tired of gadgets but use them and depend on them. Eh!


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Funny you should be getting a visit from your repair person – we’re going through that too, right now. Our cable and internet come in together, and we’ve been having problems with both. Well, the repair person was supposed to come between 8AM and noon today and never showed. DH made a call and found they’d assigned someone who was working an hour plus away! So they re-assigned someone and they’re here now working on things. Looks like things are better already.

    With the buzzing in the head, I actually researched that for another friend the other day. Turns out there are all kinds of possibilities. The problem can be anything from a pinched nerve in the spine, to a pinched carotid artery, to hypothyroidism or diabetes and a host of other possibilities in between.

    The doctor’s reference I saw suggested testing, keeping in mind the various potential possibilities.


  4. Eric Mayer says:

    Well I’ve never had a laptop let alone a tablet so I don’t know exactly what they do. More than I need to, probably.

    I’m glad Paul is feeling better, or at least better enough to be working. It’s really galling not to be able to do the work you want to.

    Also, enjoy your new phone line. We had the same problem last summer after some very heavy rain. The phone company, when we told them about the static said, “Aha. Must have been the rain.” They replaced the line between the house and the pole and it’s been fine. I guess the wires wear out. Who knows how long they’ve been out there in the weather.


  5. WendyNC says:

    Bex, like Maggie, I suspect the tablet will do the things you want to do. Those things are designed for working on the web.

    Beyond that, how much it will do and how it will do it depends on the tablet and the software.

    The big thing to remember is that what we’re used to calling programs are called apps [applications] on the tablets.


  6. crochetlady says:

    I hope Paul’s health issue turns out to be a minor problem that will go away.


  7. There seems to be a lot going on down there at Crow Cottage! Glad to hear you phone is working again. I think you will like the tablet, and I think it will probably do everything you want it too, although you may need to use some different applications. I don’t own a tablet, they won’t do all of the things I want to do, which is web site development, and database fiddling. I am looking forward to your review of the tablet!

    I hope Paul gets one of two things, a complete AOK, or a quick diagnosis of a merely annoying health issue that is easily and quickly resolved. Fingers crossed.


  8. l'empress says:

    FB really doesn’t do it for me either. I keep it only to grab news tidbits from my kids — at least two of whom find it as useless as I do.

    Verizon works well in your area. I had multiple problems years ago — they didn’t have enough towers in Connecticut and would transfer calls to Long Island. Then they would add “roaming charges.”

    Things change; I am now happy with my Verizon-powered cell phone.

    Hope Paul’s M.D. can find some definitive answers.


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