How Things Stand

OK. I’ve just lost an entire entry for some reason and can’t understand why. A pop up about AdBlock came on and poof there went my entry mid sentence.

I was saying… My sister Sarah came over on Saturday and she helped me set up my tablet.

There is a problem with it and that is that when using my verizon addy to reply to an email, my reply email gets stuck in the Outbox and I can’t get it to send… it just stays there.

I took this pic with the new tablet (Android) of Sarah helping me:

and this is me later trying to figure it all out!

This will be short, as I am afraid I’ll lose it again.

Also, I changed my browser over to Google Chrome and it’s “different” but seems to be working ok, much better than Firefox and a lot more comforting than IE felt.

Later… need to go



“Prejudices, it is well known, are most difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loosened or fertilized by education.”

~~ Charlotte Bronte ~~

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7 Responses to How Things Stand

  1. Losing an entry is frustrating! It has happened to me a few times, so I started writing in a different program, and saving the file, so that the text could be copied and pasted into the entry, just in case the blogging software messed it up. This works very well for me. I am using MarsEdit, but you could use any text editor.

    Glad to hear things are on the mend. I have been getting all of the notifications in my inbox.

    Great pictures of you and sister!


  2. Eric Mayer says:

    Good luck. My ISP wouldn’t let me connect, for the second time in four days, so for the second time I had to call customer service and now it is back again but like you I am keeping my fingers crossed.


  3. Nina Camic says:

    A sisterly resemblance! Your on your way to calm waters, I can tell!


  4. Interesting Bex because just the other day for reasons unknown I lost half an entry on JS. Grrrr. I redid it but not like it was. Hope things get better soon!


  5. WendyNC says:

    Bex, the notify came through just fine to me. It arrived at both the inbox on my desktop Mac and the one on my Android phone at 11:31 a.m.


  6. Bex says:

    Bonnie, did you get a notify email about this blog entry today?

    I am on the list (in fact both of my addys are on the list) and I’ve gotten nothing from JournalScape to say I’ve done a new entry. This has been happening for a while now and when I wrote and told Kenny, he is silent! I am so frustrated with everything.


  7. Bonnie says:

    Glad you figured chrome out. Mine must of been corrupted because I would click on their help link and go no where. In fact when I clicked on any link it didn’t work.


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