Into Thin Air… Poof, It’s Gone.

I keep that little map on top above on my desktop and click on it every day to see the weather across the country, coming, here, and going away. I am wishing that the weather showing up as that white/green section in Illinois would just go away without ever coming here. But it won’t. So we are in for a blizzard starting tomorrow (Monday) evening and not ending until sometime on Wednesday.

I just spent a good deal of time writing a blog and then, with one mis-click of the mouse, it all disappeared into thin air and was gone. I know that’s probably happened to all of you who do blogs or journals online, and it is not a good feeling – you panic for a second and then try everything you know to get it back… it MUST be somewhere – if you could just find where to click! So now that I have determined that it’s truly gone, I am starting over. But it will not be nearly as good as the one I just did. This time I’m writing it on a document page in my laptop and not directly into the JS site. I’m hoping this document page will save by itself every few minutes so if I do that stupid thing again, it will not all be gone.

Actually, since the morning is getting away from me, I’ve decided not to replicate the blog I had done and lost. I need to get back into my project, so you are just going to have to wait for another day to hear, and see, all about it. I don’t have the mental energy to do it all over again right now. Drat. Sorry.

So, until another time, another day maybe, I’ll just say so long and hope that, wherever you are, your week goes smoothly for you with little or no problems and that we don’t lose power here during the blizzard.



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12 Responses to Into Thin Air… Poof, It’s Gone.

  1. TopsyTurvy says:

    If I’m concerned I might lose my post, especially with a long detailed post, I just highlight the entire thing and copy it. That way if I need it, it’s sitting in the computer’s memory and I can just paste it into place.


  2. Bex says:

    Thanks All for the tips and words of wisdom. I wasn’t using my Corel Writer (?) at the time I lost the blog entry, I just clicked on a tiny Red X up top by mistake so it was all my own fault, not the fault of JS.

    I also figured out how to change the settings in Corel Writer to make the quote marks the straight kind, which is needed in JS or else you get gobble-dee-gook instead of quote marks… or apostrophe marks… I think I should get used to writing my entries into a document first, though, so as not to lose them like I did.

    We are awaiting the snow. I hope none of you get it but we are, indeed, right in the path. If we can keep our power for the duration, I will be very happy. But I am counting on losing it… I hope we can stay warm here as everything is electric-power-operated.

    See you on the other side of the storm, I hope!


  3. crochetlady says:

    We were set to get snow. Now it looks like we are only getting rain. Stay warm and dry.


  4. Eric Mayer says:

    Good luck with the blizzard. Let’s hope it fizzles out or veers away — east. Not west. We’re only on the edge right now but you look to be right in the middle of its path.

    Like some of your other commenters I never write anything of any length straight into an online form. I always cut and past from a word processor, but if you were temporarily without one you couldn’t have used that method.

    I don’t like Word myself and have a collection of small, simple freeware word processors.


  5. Nina Camic says:

    That looks like one mighty storm! Incredible to see you get that much snow when we have been so bare and dry all winter long!

    Best of luck! (I have no words of wisdom on lost texts in JS.)


  6. WendyNC says:

    Bex, control+z works in Corel WordPerfect as well. I’ve been using WP since back in the old DOS days so give me a shout out if you have any trouble finding how to do something. Hope your power says on.


  7. sandy freel says:

    We had rain/snow mixed but all is gone now..
    Bummer about your blog mess


  8. Bex says:

    Susan, I don’t believe I can do the “undo” thing when I type directly into JS webpage. Also, I did look for it using Corel word when I did my second attempt and could not find it there either. I used to use it on MS Office Word but can’t find it in Corel. I should google it.


  9. Susan Honthumb says:

    Do ever use control z to undo? On the mac it’s Command Z. On the Pc it may be control and z or it could be another button and z. May not work in a web-based program. When I look at my edit menu in Firefox, the undo option is available. Undo will only undo your last motion. If I select text and hit the space bar by mistake, if I don’t touch anything but the undo command, my text will come back. If I had hit another key, the undo is no longer available.
    But I still lose things, and I try to tell myself the opposite of what you say. I try to think that since I’ve already written it once, the second time is going to be much better.
    Good luck with the snow. I’m so glad it’s not coming here, though I do enjoy snow days.


  10. Bex says:

    Irene, The thing is that since I’ve had my laptop, I only had 6 months of Office Word and that is long gone. I did not want to buy the program so haven’t had a word processor program except for “Notebook” which I don’t like.

    Then I changed my browser to Google Chrome about a month or two ago. I also was cleaning out my desk and found a booklet with a CD in it giving me 21 free programs for my laptop (it came with the laptop) and one of them was Corel word processing program. It said it was very much like Office Word so I installed it and used that today. It is taking me a little time to get used to it as I don’t do documents much here anymore, but at least it works and it was FREE!



  11. Bex says:

    I am posting this message from Karen DiCicco – she emailed it to me.

    “My response to your post is gone and won’t let me back on to re-respond, so stay safe, warm,& dry and powered up.
    All the best,
    Karen Cheesbro DiCicco

    Ps This happens a lot when I go to put the sign in details proving am not spam etc.

    Very frustrating

    Does this happen to others? It has never happened to me, but I plan to write to Kenny W. and ask him if he knows what’s up.


  12. Irene Bean says:

    We had a dusting of snow – not much activity this year. The temps are manic too!

    It’s always been my habit to write everything in word before copying and pasting – even comments. Interestingly, I’m typing straight into this box and have already caught a bazillion typos. I have such sloppy fingers.

    The only post I’ve ever lost is recently when JS crashed. I usually save my posts in Dropbox, but was behind schedule. When we crashed here, I lost one of my favorites, but simply moved on (after Kenny gallantly tried to retrieve it) like you did today because I had no ther choice.

    Stay warm!


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