“After” Photos – Blizzard of 2015

[Click here for “Before Blizzard” entry.]

[Click here for “During Blizzard” entry.]

And the day after, we have sunny skies:


The back deck:


Thru the sliding doors:


Is this deep enough for ya?


My “Feel Good Tree” is still up and lit-up each night!


Notice the “nose snow”:


Our fabulous neighbors who help with our snow removal:


I’ve always wanted to plant a hedge maze in the front yard, but I guess a “snow maze” is as close as we’ll get:


Lucky for us the oil man came to fill up the day before the storm hit… this is where he has to walk!


Just to compare, same corner last summer:


(Dreaming about spring now…)

(Back to reality…)

Coming in from playing and then shaking it all off!

100_0207 100_0208

100_0206 100_0205

I just love the look on Kip’s face here:


Playing and working, man and his dogs:



Coming in – it’s cold out there!


So that’s the way it is. We have snow. Lots of snow. Snow-cone anyone? Snow cake? Snow angel?

We never lost power here. A small but appreciated miracle. Very few problems around here.

Except today I saw a Coast Guard helicopter buzzing around the sky and learned that “body parts” had washed up on King’s Beach in Swampscott (next town over) and were found near a lobster pot that had also washed up in the storm. They are investigating now to try to identify who it might be. A young woman had disappeared from near here last summer and was never found, it could be her, we don’t know.

Paul says it can’t be his lobster trap as it’s too far afield from where he fishes off Swampscott. He is down in Marblehead now rescuing a couple of his traps from Devereux Beach that washed up.

So we made it through the worst part. We are supposed to get another 6-inches of snow on Friday… phtaw! That’s child’s play compared to this last one!



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6 Responses to “After” Photos – Blizzard of 2015

  1. Eric Mayer says:

    Happy to hear you survived! I’m also happy just to see photos of snow that deep and not see it when I look out the window. Doesn’t seem like good weather for retreiving lobster traps however. In fact, it might be a good day to be a lobster, underwater, away from the snow.


  2. I agree, the look on Kip’s face is priceless!

    So nice of the neighbours with a snow blower to offer assistance! That is a lot of snow to get all at once! Loved all the pictures, and loved knowing they were taken from a warm and cozy house!

    Keep warm!


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Okay, yeah. You win the snow prize! Not that you want it, I’m sure. It’s pretty, until you realize how much work it is and will be just to get around in it.

    Ugh, with the body parts. 😦


  4. WendyNC says:

    Glad you’ve got power. That makes all the difference. Sending good thoughts your way from brightly sunny central NC where we’re finding it chilly at 45F. πŸ™‚


  5. sandy freel says:

    WOW…Thanks for all the wonderful photos.
    So glad you are all safe and power still on.


  6. Bonnie says:

    Glad you escaped what the town with the breached sea wall.

    I wouldn’t want to be the person finding the body parts. ewww…


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