The Food’s In The Mail (?)

I am livid.

We’ve been waiting for our monthly dog food delivery from PetFlow now since Jan. 28th. And it was supposed to go out before that but we had that little blizzard, so I understood — back then – that there would be a delay.

This is making me crazy now. And to make matters worse, every time I email the company (which I know cannot control FedEx), they send me back an email saying to go on their FaceBook page and “like” them!

I did at first. But today I “unliked” them because my dogs have been without their food now for way too long. Paul has been buying cheap crap from the grocery store which I do not like giving to them. Now I am off to find a new vendor for their food.

Here is the tracking information on this deal:

Travel History

2/06/2015 – Friday

8:12 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery NORTH BILLERICA, MA

2/05/2015 – Thursday

8:56 pm Delivery exception NORTH BILLERICA, MA

Local weather delay – Delivery not attempted

11:04 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery NORTH BILLERICA, MA

9:25 am At local FedEx facility NORTH BILLERICA, MA

2/04/2015 – Wednesday

7:51 pm Delivery exception NORTH BILLERICA, MA

No attempt made, delivery scheduled for next business day

11:02 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery NORTH BILLERICA, MA

2/03/2015 – Tuesday

9:46 pm Delivery exception NORTH BILLERICA, MA

Local weather delay – Delivery not attempted

11:41 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery NORTH BILLERICA, MA

11:25 am At local FedEx facility NORTH BILLERICA, MA

1/31/2015 – Saturday

7:42 am At local FedEx facility NORTH BILLERICA, MA

1/30/2015 – Friday

8:50 pm Departed FedEx location WILLINGTON, CT

4:55 am Arrived at FedEx location WILLINGTON, CT

1/29/2015 – Thursday

12:02 pm Departed FedEx location KEASBEY, NJ

1:30 am Arrived at FedEx location KEASBEY, NJ

1/28/2015 – Wednesday

9:39 pm Arrived at FedEx location DAYTON, NJ

7:10 pm Shipment information sent to FedEx

12:00 am Picked up DAYTON, NJ

Yes, we have had snow. But our street is plowed just fine now and has been for several days. Cars come and go up and down it. UPS trucks come by without problem. I even SAW a FedEx truck go up the street several days ago but it did not stop at my house!

No cheers for FedEx!

Bex, a very unsatisfied customer!

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9 Responses to The Food’s In The Mail (?)

  1. Bex says:

    I really am not a fan of FedEx any more. I got my bag of dog food from PetFlow last night very near the time we were going up to bed. After 8:30. That is too late to be delivering things, especially in the winter when it’s dark out. It could have stayed out there overnight, could have been snowed on or rained on… but they didn’t care. They didn’t knock or toot a horn or anything. Paul just happened to look out on the deck and there it was… but we’d checked a couple of hours earlier too and it wasn’t there then.

    The tracking data:

    2/06/2015 – Friday
    8:10 pm Delivered Salem, MA
    Left at front door. Signature Service not requested.

    8:12 am
    On FedEx vehicle for delivery NORTH BILLERICA, MA

    Anyway, I am with a new company now, PetCo. And the reason I don’t wish to pick it up at FedEx is the reason I have this item delivered — I don’t go out! I want them to lug that 30 lb bag up my stairs, not me!

    I just hope now that PetCo doesn’t use FedEx!!! That will be the topping on the cake.

    And TT…yikes! $72 for the same bag that we pay $53 for? That is highway robbery!


  2. beanie says:

    Glad you got the issue fixed!


  3. Glad to hear you have got it sorted! I have had issues with FedEx in the past, they actually lost a $600 software package once, which was replaced by the company I purchased it from, and shipped to me within two days of determining the loss. FedEx shipped that software from the US to Vancouver, to Nova Scotia, to Quebec… it never got to Ontario.


  4. Rebekah says:

    FedEx comes during our work hours. When the slip has been stuck to our door, we try to reschedule on Friday, my husband’s day off from work. (He works Sunday through Thursday, leaving him free on one week day!)

    Last time, I was able to have them deliver to a FedEx store a mile from our house, and pick it up myself. The only hassle was going to get it; rerouting the delivery was easy. (When it’s medication, though…)

    Depending on where you find a nearby FedEx location, that might be an option in the future. Your mileage may vary.


  5. TopsyTurvy says:

    Oh, sorry. Guess I was reading backward.

    Glad to hear you found a new supplier!

    $53 for a bag of dog food, huh? Wish we were as lucky. Ours goes for $72. Fortunately, we get every 10th bag free. (We need a new bag about once a month.)


  6. sandy freel says:

    Glad you found a place close by for food for fuzzies


  7. Bex says:

    No, TT. I didn’t explain I guess. I have this food automatically sent to me every 4 weeks, a 30 lb. bag of kibble. It starts out in NJ and takes what seems like forever to make it up here by FedEx. So I have cancelled my account with them today… I don’t know if my bag of kibble that has been in the Billerica facility will make it to me or not, but I found a PetCo right up the street from here and they deliver! And for free since my purchase is always $53 for the 30 lb bag. I have scheduled them to deliver every 4 weeks starting on 2/23/15. I am done with PetFlow!


  8. TopsyTurvy says:

    Um, that info says that someone picked up your delivery in NJ. You need to CALL the company and tell them the FedEx track and that there’s no way you picked that package up in NJ, you live in MA.

    Let them know you haven’t received this package, it’s been mis-delivered.


  9. Karen Cheesbro DiCicco says:

    I order from Chewy. Great service.

    Don’t you have a Feed store or Pet Supplies store around?
    Good Luck getting their food.


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