Snow-Be-Gone! Please?

Enough already!


I know we must have had winters this bad before… but my selective memory has kicked in and I don’t remember them. All except for that first winter I wrote about recently, when our pipes froze for the first time… I do remember that horrid winter.

But I am so ready for spring now that I can taste it.

No more winterscapes on my header.

I’ve had a little success in my attempt to declutter my stash of clothing and shoes and stuff I don’t need. I am ashamed that I spent so much money on all this stuff. It’s not right. Paul works so hard and he doesn’t ever buy anything frivolous. He hardly ever buys anything unless he has totally worn out the original.

I’m the opposite. I guess opposites attract, but I don’t think he bargained for the likes of me.

I bagged up 12 bags of old clothing yesterday and he took them up to the Good Will truck at the shopping center near here. Some guy from Good Will drives this big semi truck to the parking lot and sits there all day, so you can drop off bags of stuff and not be afraid it will all be ransacked and stolen.

Today he brought down two big boxes of shoes I don’t wear and I tossed all but about 3 pair out… they will also go to Good Will because some of those shoes (mostly clogs) are hardly even used.

Of all the clothing that I neatly folded up and inserted into large black trash bags yesterday (and it took me all day), there was only one item of clothing that still had a price tag on it. But there were a lot of things I’d never worn but had cut off the tags. I can’t wear any of it any longer. Nothing fits me anymore.

My hips/arthritis have been really acting up and I’m in a lot of pain when moving around. Sitting isn’t too bad but then I am very stiff. Even Kip is limping around here now because he gets playing in the big snow banks out front and he has hurt some muscle in his leg. I want him to rest it up, but he gets excited and loses control! He’s a boy dog, after all.


Where oh where is my yard?

Remember it?

perimeter lounging

My green chairs… waiting to be sat in… the grass waiting for the dogs to eat it… the rabbits pooping on the grass so the dogs could have some late night snacks…

It’s all just a vague memory right now. I want to go to bed and wake up in April!

garden duties

garden 13 May 2014


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7 Responses to Snow-Be-Gone! Please?

  1. Eric Mayer says:

    We don’t have as much snow but the cold has been horrific. After last winter we said, next year can’t possibly be as bad….well….

    It’s great you’re donating to Good Will. I have bought more clothes at Good Will and Salvation Army stores than at retail over the years. And I’ve donated bags of clothes as well.


  2. Bonnie says:

    We just picked up 2 big bags of daughter’s DVD’s and about 3 boxes of CD’s to go to Paralyzed Veterans. She needs to start on her clothes too. (I grabbed some of her cd’s and donated my boxes of audio tapes).


  3. bert says:

    Hi Bex, remember, “if winter comes, can spring be far behind?”
    It’s bitter cold and snowy here in Alberta too, and I’ve been spending lots of days indoors but am rather enjoying making a pot of soup and settling down under an afghan with a good book. This too shall pass.


  4. TopsyTurvy says:

    We also have about the same amount of snow as you, Bex.

    I had to laugh when you talked about the late night rabbit snacks for your dogs. I thought to myself, she must know our Squee! Thank goodness Puppers doesn’t have the same interest!


  5. Susan Honthumb says:

    I won’t write about the bulbs coming up. I think they like the rain and the mist and the fifty temperatures. Sorry, I won’t grind it in any more.


  6. Bex, I have about the same amount of snow here! Thank goodness my good Samaritan neighbour brings his snowblower over and takes care of the bulk of it for me! We are having another mini-blizzard with freezing drizzle mixed in with the snow.

    It was like a shot of sunshine, seeing your cottage bathed in summer!


  7. Annanotbob3 says:

    I couldn’t bear it! Hope it all vanishes soon xxx


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