Welcome Spring!

The first day of spring here at Crow Cottage:





See any bulbs popping up? Any daffs? Any sign of green?

And the best part is that we are expecting another 4 inches of snow this weekend sometime…

But it was a lot worse not long ago:



No, really, it’s spring here. But this is what I’d rather be looking at:

Spring Garden April 26, 2012

…and my new little rose garden:


Maybe in another month?



I think I could turn and live awhile with the animals…

They are so placid and self-contained,

I stand and look at them sometimes half the day long.

They do not sweat and whine about their condition,

They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins,

They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God,

Not one is dissatisfied… not one is demented with the mania of owning things,

Not one kneels to another nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago,

Not one is respectable or industrious over the whole earth.

~ [Walt Whitman, from “Leaves of Grass, No. 32”] ~

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12 Responses to Welcome Spring!

  1. TopsyTurvy says:

    Hmmm… Glad to see that you have the ability to comment, at least with this old post. I just posted in my journal and it won’t allow comments AND ran all my paragraphs together. 😦


  2. sandy freel says:

    I will be so happy for you when green grass comes and blooms also.
    The fuzzies will be pleased to not have snow paths


  3. Susan Honthumb says:

    When I see the daffodils blooming around Eugene, I think about you and all of the snow; we do tend to get Spring just a tad bit earlier than you, but this year winter has been so unseasonably. I feel for anyone relying on snow for income.


  4. Bex,

    Looks like you have a ways to go but soon you will be smothered in green. Such pretty property. Things are blooming here and trees leafing. Robins flitting about.



  5. Bex says:

    Nina! Always the optimist! xoxox

    Bonnie, I’ll take weeds any day, I’m not a weed-bigot…they are growing things, part of All God’s Creatures… they are all welcome here (except poison ivy!)


  6. Bonnie says:

    Be glad to send you some of my green…. weeds! 🙂


  7. nina says:

    Last year, according to my blog, it snowed on April 15th. But it doesn’t matter. The green stuff is raring to break the earth and all good things will blossom again. Soon, Bex. Soon. We’re on the right path.


  8. Bex says:

    I know Eric, I’ve been watching the Hanover, PA, eagles’ nest with the 2 eggs that are due to hatch tomorrow and the 24th… and their nest is covered AGAIN in snow!

    Eagles’ Nest Live


  9. Eric Mayer says:

    I suppose spring has to arrive eventually but I’m beginning to wonder. Here, right now, it is snowing hard. We’re not supposed to have more than 3 to 5 inches…but still!!


  10. Bex says:

    Open the windows? Yes! I want to do that too, in fact, I did that when I was taking my shower this morning, opened the loo window to the cold, cold “spring” air! It felt so good! Had to close it soon after that though…;-(

    At least our “pathways” out front are bare. But they are mucky and the dogs don’t like to walk on them, they skirt around the edges of those blobs of snow when walking around!

    Yes, Maggie, do take Spring Day pictures! I am looking forward now, and I think these will be my last snow pictures of this season.


  11. TopsyTurvy says:

    Our snow has melted more quickly than yours, and today is supposed to be the warmest day of the week at around the mid-40s. I’m hoping to open the windows a crack when it warms up.


  12. Sorry to see your snow! We have about the same amount here at the little house in the city, and wayyyyyy more at the country house. Attila tells me, “don’t come home yet!”

    You inspire me to take a few pictures here, it being the first day of spring and all.


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