Some Corner-Turning

Two things.

1) This:


The photo above was taken on 15 April 2015. That was the day our winter ended and our spring began. The first day, since 19 January, there was no snow.

Just a few weeks before, it looked like this:


So that, as they say, is that!

2) Another corner turned is that I’ve gotten a little job accomplished that took me way longer than I’d planned or imagined. All I wanted to do was hook a plug/cable up to my laptop and into my larger screen telly in order to watch things “online” on the TV. Sounds simple, huh? Nothing is EVER simple for me.

I ordered what I believed was the correct cable from that great department store in the sky, amaz0n. It didn’t cost much at all, only a few dollars. It said it was easy, just plug one end into the laptop and the other end into the back of the TV. I did all that, and I did it correctly, but it would not work. As much as I tried, I could not figure it out. So I relented and asked my neighbor, Bob, to come in and see what I was doing wrong. He’s an unofficial computer guru of sorts, at least to me. He knows a LOT more than I ever will!

In he came, and he fiddled and diddled with things and found out that some settings in the laptop had to be adjusted and changed, and finally we got it to work:


Voila. I can now watch anything online on my telly. But even better, whenever I want to show Paul something online (now remember, Paul does not “do” computers at all so I show him a lot of stuff), he can just sit on the sofa, relax, and I can put it all up on the telly. Cool.

Here we were the other day watching the Hanover, PA, Eagles’ Nest on the telly:


That’s basically it for corner-turning. Little things like these molehills are made into mountains in my brain until I solve them. The snow thing wasn’t my doing, in fact, long after all our snow had gone, the man in back of us had a good sized patch of snow still next to his garage, and I have no idea how it could have survived the couple of days when it almost hit 70 F degrees!

Oh, there is one more corner that has been brooched… not really “turned,” now – the Boston Red Sox are playing later today – their 11th game of the season, and so far they/we are 7 wins, 3 losses. So much better than last year! So, so, so, SO much better. But it’s a slippery slope when you don’t have great pitching, and in my opinion, our pitching is not that great. We really should have done more to boost this area of the team up over the winter. Oh well.

All I can do is cheer on my team — Go Red Sox! — and with that I’ll say

Cheers and “Toodle Pip” (hi Beverley in Yorkshire!),


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12 Responses to Some Corner-Turning

  1. TopsyTurvy says:

    Got any pictures of pretty flowers and leafing plants to show us from your garden yet, Bex?


  2. Bex, I understand about the gardening. It is time consuming and often back breaking work! Looks like you had some very nice gardens though. I miss it. No can do here.


  3. hil says:

    Here is Pennsylvania they say that this was the coldest winter since 1934. It just stretched on and on! But, now, we have flowers. Hurray! Huzzah!


  4. Bex says:

    And yes, I am so happy there is no more snow here! And in Canada! Never has a spring been so welcomed as this one has!

    I used to do gardening, Nora, but can’t anymore. We had a veggie garden out front (see below and look who’s reaching for the bird seed!)

    and then around back and even some potted veggies on the decks. I do want to grow some tomatoes and I say every year I will but never do! Paul does the garden/yard maintenance now and he only has so much spare time so only necessary jobs get done, like mowing the grass and raking up leaves. He hasn’t finished the raking-up part yet, and the grass is far from needing mowing!


  5. Bex says:

    Nora, if you try the cable from laptop to TV and have any problem, I’d be glad to help, just write. The secret is to get the “screen resolution” just right (I right-click on my desktop and click on “screen resolution” and then set it to “1280 by 720”. Then, you need to tell your laptop that you want two monitors working and the way I do that is to press the Microsoft icon on the bottom row of keys at the same time as the “P” key.. and it will give you 4 choices – I chose “duplicate” and that was how I got it to work. Once you have done those two things, you will want to “restart” your laptop. Then with your TV remote, go to your HDMI plug where you put the cable (mine was HDMI 2).


  6. Bex, What a transformation. You have a nice chunk of property. Now you are snow free and spring has arrived. I look forward to seeing how your world will unfold in the yard. Do you veggie garden?

    Hubby wants to do what you have done with the TV and laptop. I am glad it is relatively easy. That was nice of Bob to help. Even nicer you have good neighbors that are willing to help.


  7. TopsyTurvy says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to have the snow gone? Bri and I were doing some garden work today. I looked around and realized that the neighbors across the street suddenly have 2 forsythias in bloom! :-O


  8. Bonnie says:

    since I have no laptop and my computer is in what was once a bedroom it is highly unlikely I could accomplish such. 🙂


  9. Having a TV hooked up to the computer is great! We watch Netflix and youtube that way, when all we have with us the laptop. Mostly though, I use the TV as a second monitor, so I can display a data source on one screen, and transcribe it into a database on the other screen… no switching back and forth between windows on the tiny laptop screen. It is a lifesaver!

    Glad to see your snow is gone!! I hope you don’t get another winter like that again, and I hope we don’t either. The grass is greening here at the little house in the city, but far to the north Attila reports that there is still a great deal of snow on the lawn, and a lot more in the bush. It won’t be long now though!


  10. Eric Mayer says:

    Glad you also are finally snow free. It still feels weird to me to look out the window and not see everything white. Great, but weird.

    The Red Sox might not have good pitching but so far the Yankees don’t have good anything. But by the end of the season we will barely even remember what happened the first couple weeks. To be honest, with the Yankees ancient lineup and the Red Sox starters I doubt either one of them are going to win it all this year, but who knows.


  11. Sandy Freel says:

    WOW..sure looks better with snow gone.
    I have my laptop hooked up that way…I can view my Netflix better and love you tube stuff


  12. Annanotbob3 says:

    SO PLEASED you are out of the snow! I have one of those cables, but my problem is the internet signal is too weak, so if I try and watch on the telly it keeps flickering on and off. Gah. Still, soon all will be different in the new house – no, no date yet, but sooooon xxxxxxx


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