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First Known When Lost, and a Painting…

Check out this web site called: FIRST KNOWN WHEN LOST I am so excited by it that I don’t know whether to spit or go blind! There aren’t enough minutes or hours in the days to see all that it … Continue reading

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Get Your Memorial Day Lobsters Here

Notice! The Farmers’ Market does not open until NEXT weekend! May 30, 2015. Paul had the wrong date and showed up and no one was there! Current Lobster Prices: (as of May 23, 2015) Chicken Lobsters: $ 6.99/lb Medium & … Continue reading

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And Good Pet Foods

In my quest for the best food for the dogs, I found this: Have a listen. Sounds great. More investigation needed but it’s a step in the right direction. And more news from the home front later on… once things … Continue reading

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Please Read This – Bad Pet Foods

Soap Box Time: If you or anyone you know is feeding Blue Buffalo products to your pets, stop doing it and read this page. My friend’s cats are in Angell Memorial Hospital at this moment because of the effects of … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to a Princess!

LATE BREAKING NEWS – 04 May 2015 The name of the Princess of Cambridge has finally been revealed to the world as Charlotte Elizabeth Diana In a touching tribute to William’s beloved family, the little girl has been named in … Continue reading

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