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Gather Ye Nuts While Ye May…

The Garden Weasel Nut Gatherer! Just what we need here! Wow! I’ve just ordered mine (it’s from Santa…..a little early…) Cheers, Bex-who-has-had-it-with-the-damn-acorns!!!

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Sugar-less and Fancy-free

Just an update on the cutting down on sugar in my life. It’s been a very l-o-n-g time since I have been this faithful to any kind of diet change. I can’t remember (well, yes I can actually) the last … Continue reading

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Sugar Be-Gone!

Since I plan on starting something here, healthwise, I thought I’d better blog it. Just for the record, if you will. I’m going to try to give up added sugar. After reading an article online about a man in England … Continue reading

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Sweaters, Quilts, Girly Photos, Oh My!

Recently, (today, just hours ago) I read a blog by a friend, Maggie Turner, (found here at her web site, “Maggie Turner: Page by Page”). Maggie has just lived through the most amazing moving adventure and has had to consolidate … Continue reading

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With Richard Mason, on writing and other things

I’ve mentioned this subject matter before, but I’ve just spent a few hours now watching some videos of author Richard Mason, and this one in particular, where he describes his new Apple iPad App for the Elumination version of his … Continue reading

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