Y. Zunger, His Thoughts, Soup, and More…


Who am I? Even I don’t know the answer to that question any more.

I’ve only written one entry for the entire month of November, so far. This will be No. 2.

A writer I am not.

The only reason for THIS entry is to memorialize this article that I found on Anna’s blog recently, explaining so much and more about the current conflicts affecting our poor old Earth lately. I wanted to save it for future reading. I’ve read it all through once, but there is so much there, I wanted to have it to read again, and again if needed.

Yonatan Zunger’s blog about November events in the World.

Also, just now, I switched over to using G.Chrome as my browser. I can switch back if I want to IE, but for some reason, I was having a pop-up saying something about Adobe not being able to open something I wanted to see, so I thought maybe this would work. I haven’t re-tried it yet, but we shall see.

So, while I’m here, I’ll stick in a few photos I took and never posted. Old news…


Above: Serving up soup I made called Tuscan Canellini Bean and Kale soup. Recipe is here.


Above: A satisfied husband.

(Note: I know the deplorable state of his shirt, it’s his kicking around and sometimes work shirt. He wears out all his collars and sleeves, but when he loves a shirt, he is loathe to throw it away!)


Above: The Kipster


Above: Eye Candy, he is to me

Switch topics to my niece, Aimee. She got married last month to Dan.

Above: This is Aimee and Dan and their girl, Stella Blu, admiring the wedding present I sent them, made in Italy, a Biscotti jar (which, I have learned, holds all Stella’s yummy treats now!)

Here comes the bride - Chuck Lothrop & Aimee Lothrop

Above: Aimee and her dad, my brother Chuck, walking down the “aisle”

Will you Aimee ... take thee, Daniel... ?

Above: Note that Stella Blu was part of the actual wedding which took place in Nevada.

Aimee and Dan Hackworth - all hitched!

The happy (married) couple.

Since I almost lost this whole entry just now, I will quit this typing and say so long, for now… till next time.




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11 Responses to Y. Zunger, His Thoughts, Soup, and More…

  1. crochetlady says:

    So nice to see the pictures! Finally in IL. Trying to get unpacked and settled. Truck smaller than expected so many tables and things left behind. But not our worst move. Still have essentials. And it’s good to be home!


  2. Bex says:

    We have so many remotes here I didn’t even notice it on the table there, Nora! Yes, it’s part of life. We have a tiny flat screen TV over on a dresser by the door in that room and we watch news each night at suppertime. So that remote is essential!

    Also, in that same picture, the reason my side miniblind is down past the window sill is because we had washed them (in the shower) earlier and they were drying… I just forgot to pull that one up before we sat down.


  3. Sleeps_With_Rocks says:

    Bex, What a nice wedding! Congratulations to them.

    Of course enjoyed all the photos and especially the remote on the table. Laughed at that one.


  4. Annanotbob3 says:

    I love the picture of Paul, at rest, all full of good food! xxxxxx


  5. TopsyTurvy says:

    LOL! I wonder if every woman has a husband that’s loathe to get rid of worn shirts. Heaven knows I have one like that, too!

    Speaking of snow, we now have more than 2 inches of snow out there. I think it might melt easily when daylight comes, though. The ground is still quite warm.

    Looks like a lovely wedding. They’re a cute couple!


  6. Bex says:

    No Eric, no turkey here. Spaghetti with tomato/meat sauce made by me and then home made apple pie also by me. Two things – that’s it. My kind of Thanksgiving. I give thanks that I can relax and not have to slave away in the kitchen! And Paul gives thanks that I am happy.


  7. Eric Mayer says:

    Glad things are still perking along. That photo of Aimee on her dad’s shoulders…bet she wishes she’d saved that hat for her wedding day! Well, maybe not…

    Paul’s work shirt looks like some of mine, even down to the pattern. Once any piece of my clothing becomes worn out I continue wearing it for five years, then I use it to work in the yard until it reaches a state where wearing it outside would constitute public indecency.

    Have a nice Thanksgiving. Turkey for all the family, no matter how many feet?


  8. Bonnie says:

    Aimee had a beautiful gown and it looks like a great day. Of course their pet was part of the day. 🙂

    My husband had a bathrobe I hated, had to sneak it out. lol

    I will skip the blog, just trying to stay ‘up’ today.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both.


  9. Bex says:

    Wow, Maggie, you got out of there just in the nick of time!

    Sandy… you know how I feel about your snow! You can keep it! Do NOT forward any of it on to us, please!

    Also… I look way older than Aimee now! Let’s see, she is 33 now, I believe, so when I was around that age, (maybe @ 1983) here I am at my apartment, hosting a birthday party no doubt (me in the striped sweater) and that is (little) Aimee in the back, on her dad’s shoulders:

    Below: This was taken around 1980 I believe at the occasion of my “little” sister’s prom night!


  10. Bex, when I scrolled down and saw the first picture of your niece, I thought it was you. You look that young to me Bex, must be because I knew met on the “inside” through your writing, which is young at heart.

    I shudder at Sandy’s mention of snow! We haven’t seen any yet here at Mist Cottage, but apparently, according to the weather gurus, our former home in the country is covered with snow. I do not miss that one little bit.


  11. sandy freel says:

    Thanks for link and also photos…will get into this after I get done moving 6 inches of snow off drive.


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