And the First Day…

Belle1stday2 004//

There she is. My Belle. Our Belle, I should say.

That’s her teddy bear that came with her, along with an assortment of other various toys and accoutrements! Mit is an angel. You probably know Mit by now… she is Belle’s foster Mum, and I’d never be sitting here with this beautiful collie girl if it were not for Mit Skinner. THANK YOU AGAIN, MY DEAR MIT, and of course thanks to Shawn for being a fabulous son and for helping your Mum out by doing a lot of the driving on this odyssey.

Belle1stday 012

And that is all I have. For today. I am emotionally spent, as was Mit when she left here with Shawn, her son, and drove off “into the sunset,” so to speak, having delivered her precious cargo, Miss Belle Crowell, to her new home, far away from the corn fields of Iowa from where they first set out, only two days ago!

I love you Belle,

Belle1stday 004

…now and always.


Bex & Belle

kip11feb16 004

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9 Responses to And the First Day…

  1. Bex says:

    Translated to English, Anne said:
    “all my wishes for this new meeting with Belle ; I am sure this success ;
    you really deserve it. Good luck”


    To Anne from Saint-Prest from Bex:

    Merci Anne , pour les belles pens�es et souhaits. Belle est notre amour et de joie maintenant et nous esp�rons qu’elle va vivre de nombreuses ann�es avec nous.


  2. Anne from Saint-Prest says:

    Hello from Saint-Prest
    I have followed your daily life adventures , joyful or sad recently ,
    (thanks to Nina);
    tous mes v�ux de bonheur pour cette nouvelle rencontre avec Belle ; je suis certaine de cette r�ussite ;
    vous le m�ritez bien. Bonne chance


  3. WendyNC says:

    What a beautiful girl she is–and fortunate to have landed with such committed fosters and into an excellent home.


  4. nina says:

    So so excited! — for you, for her, for me, who gets to read all your adventures going forward!


  5. Nancy says:

    Welcome, Belle! You are beautiful!


  6. So happy to see Belle with her new family! I will be very interested to see the look in her eyes when she realizes where she has landed; she is one lucky dog!


  7. Sleeps_With_Rocks says:

    Wonderful news! Happy for all of you. Belle looks like she has been there forever. Love her beautiful face. Hugs!!!! x0x0x0x0x


  8. Sandy from Chicago says:

    Welcome Belle!! You have the best forever home ever!


  9. TopsyTurvy says:

    Wonderful!!! Enjoy your new home, Belle! I know Bex and Paul will take very good care of you and love you with all their hearts!


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