A Current Book List and a little Belle-girl

“I am reading six books at once, the only way of reading; since, as you will agree, one book is only a single unaccompanied note, and to get the full sound, one needs ten others at the same time”

~ Virginia Woolf

People aren’t journaling or blogging so much these days. At least not the ones I usually read. Some are, but a lot aren’t. I blame social media. I use social media myself (only FB) so I’m not criticizing it, but journaling has become yesterday’s thing, it seems.

Anyway, my friend Susan asked me the other day, in a plain old-fashioned email, what book(s) I was reading at the present time. I never answered her because that would mean I’d have to compile the list and write it all down, yada-yada-yada… so I put off answering. I figured since I haven’t written a blog for a while, I’d use this as an excuse for one.

My question for you, Readers, is

“What book(s) are you currently reading?”

And don’t be afraid to not only name them but also opine as to how you are enjoying them.

I’ve gone ahead and itemized the books I’m currently reading, which is so disorganized that it’s almost embarrassing. I have two spots in the house where I read – one is here in my big chair in the living room, which is not my preferred “reading nook,” as you know, and which is why I transformed the dining room into my “Reading Room” (now called The Sanctuary, BTW), back a year or two ago – I can’t remember when. So I have two lists of books I am currently reading, one is in the living room and the other is in the Sanctuary. Here goes (oh, and I have pictures, too!):

Living Room Reading:

currentbooksmore 002//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Fall River and Other Uncollected Stories of John Cheever

The Colour by Rose Tremain

The Middle Age of Mrs. Eliot by Angus Wilson

The Persephone Book of Short Stories

Inheritance by Robert Sackville-West

My preferred reading spot is in the Sanctuary. It’s a sanctuary for more than just me! Belle enjoys it, as well:

currentreadingetc 005//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

My chair (and Belle’s lambikins that squeaks!):

currentreadingetc 007//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

My current books in The Sanctuary:

currentreadingetc 010//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

…which are:

The Stories of John Cheever

D.H. Lawrence: Late Essays & Articles

Virginia Woolf: A Critical Memoir

The Bedside Dickens: An Anthology for Pleasure

The Noise of Time (A novel by Julian Barnes)

Batty Green by Dennis Brickles

Through a Yorkshire Window by William Riley

The Miscellaneous Works of (Oliver) Goldsmith (pub. 1868)

Remember, Remember: The Selected Stories of Winifred Holtby

England’s Pleasant Pastures An artistic pictorial trip through beautiful England.

I wish there were a “save & resume” button in this place! I’d love to be able to save what I’ve written but not have it go anywhere… just in case I hit a wrong key and it disappears! Alas, we’ve all experienced THAT before!

So with all the above-itemized books sitting there crying out to me to “pick ME up!” every day, the sounds are almost deafening, and sometimes I just sit there, next to my beautiful Belle, and we both just have a think. No reading, no studying, no deciphering, no smoke coming from our heads… just cool, calm being together.

currentreadingetc 003//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Here’s her bed in this room…

currentreadingetc 013//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

She sometimes sleeps here; I find that white upper bed all bunched up some mornings, so I know she’s been “burrowing.” She is the first dog we’ve ever had who is a “burrower.”

And here is her bed in the living room:

currentreadingetc 029//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

This is where she chooses to sleep most nights… either in/on/under that bed or on the sofa which probably is used most often. Softer! More people-like.

She likes being able to keep an eye on the front yard, her front yard.. the garden… and all those who live there, too.

currentreadingetc 028//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

currentreadingetc 023//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

And then there are these two beautiful spirits… always here with us, loving us from afar but still deep within our hearts:

currentreadingetc 021//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

…never to be forgotten. I wonder if Belle can feel them here too?



Bex & Co.

kip11feb16 004//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

I think I could turn and live with animals…

They are so placid and self-contained,

I stand and look at them sometimes half the day long.

They do not sweat and whine about their condition,

They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins,

They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God,

Not one is dissatisfied… not one is demented with the mania of owning things,

Not one kneels to another nor to his kind that lived thousands of years ago,

Not one is respectable or industrious over the whole earth.

~ [Walt Whitman, from “Leaves of Grass, No. 32”] ~

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14 Responses to A Current Book List and a little Belle-girl

  1. Sleeps_With_Rocks says:

    I too Bex have given away a lot of books. Just recently went through everything and have maybe 1/4 of the books I had if that. At my age (69) it’s time to pare down. I never know what tomorrow is going to bring. Plus, there is a future move to a country setting-finally.

    I discovered after investing in a Kindle and a Kindlefire that I liked neither. I do not like to have to remember to keep charging all these gizmos (call phone, Kindles etc.) because it is just one more thing to do that doesn’t interest me. They’ve hardly been used. I intend on selling them.

    I got the Kindle fire because I thought it would give off less heat-wrong. That baby heats up fast. So much for those devices. I rather hold a book in my hands even if I can’t read it.

    One of my past times here in no man’s land was going to the book store and walking away with an armload of books. I haven’t done that in months and miss it.

    Tomorrow I go back to the eye doctor to see what we can do about correcting my prescription. Fingers crossed.

    I don’t read the type of books this group does. I’m more into jamming my brain about health, the way of the world and different crafts. I do have some novels. I mainly watch Videos that deal with history to catch up on what I should already know or watch for entertainment.

    How did I get off on this rant?


  2. Sandy in Chicago says:

    So many of the bloggers I used to enjoy reading have left blogging one way or the other. I do think some are using Facebook more, but it’s not like a traditional journal. As far as reading, I love mysteries, mostly cozies without too much blood & gore. Here is what I’ve read or am reading:

    Louisiana Longshot – Janet DeLeon
    Fortune Hunter – Janet DeLeon
    The Nature of the Beast – Louise Penny (I love her writing! She has a new Inspector Gamache mystery coming out soon.)
    A Tale About a Tiger – SJ Rozan (A Bill and Lydia mystery. I like all of her mysteries but they do have a bit more violence)
    Lowcountry Bombshell – Susan Boyer – She writes Southern mysteries. They’re all very good and very creative.
    Board Stiff – Kendel Lynn – This is part of an entertaining series
    The Body in the Landscape – Larissa Reinhart – also entertaining

    Then I read the 4-book Raven King series by Maggie Stiefvater. This is a Young Adult series – sort of fantasy, mystery, hard to explain. She’s a beautiful writer. It surprised me that I liked the books so much because I don’t like fantasy. science fiction etc.


  3. Eric Mayer says:

    My reasons for not blogging are similar to Sleeps_With_Rocks…. too many of my favorite bloggers left or just plain died. Plus I was kind of burnt out on personal mini-essays. JournalScape seems to have become kind of underpopulated and neglected. I doubt it would be possible to find such an agreeable group these days. But mainly all the deaths just somehow took the fun out of it.

    I can only read one book at a time. Of course I do not have a collie to assist me!

    You have eclectic tastes. Good for you. Here’s my reading list from the past few months:

    The Delicate Prey and Other Stories — Paul Bowles (1950)
    Venus in Furs — Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch (1870)
    Mr Hire’s Engagement — Georges Simenon (1933)
    Maigret and the Apparation — Georges Simenon (1964)
    The Three Hostages — John Buchan (1924)
    Greenmantle — John Buchan (1915)
    The Thirty Nine Steps — John Buchan
    Our Souls at Night — Kent Haruf (2015)
    The Vegetarian — Han Kang (2015)
    Olive Kitteridge — Elizabeth Strout (2008)
    Stoner — John Williams (1965)
    The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie — Muriel Spark (1961)
    A Scream in Soho — John Brandon (1940)
    Thirteen Guests –J Jefferson Farjeon (1936)
    The Skylark of Space — E E (Doc) Smith (1930)
    A Grief Observed — C.S. Lewis (1961)

    I bounce around between literary and genre fiction. It’s all rock n’ roll to me!

    I always wrote my blogs in a word processor off line and then pasted them into the box. Much safer and you also have an offline copy.


  4. Bonnie says:

    I have a Titanic book I am supposed to be finishing now so I can donate it to the library. I finished two of Susan Branch books; Martha’s Vineyard, Isle of Dreams; A Fine Romance, Falling in Love with the English Countryside. Love both of them.

    Was it you that pointed me to Susan Branch?

    Glad to see Belle settled in.


  5. Sandy says:

    I am going blind and have started selling off my 15 bookcase full of books…they have been my life for so many years.
    I don’t read all that much now cause my eyes water do much and blur.
    I am so happy you still read a lot .
    I don’t have tv either but thank goodness for computer it will save me .
    Great that you have Belle


  6. Susan says:

    I use Goodreads to keep track of what I’m reading. Some of the books that I’m currently reading are books I was just looking at and don’t own or library books that I didn’t finish. I love Goodreads as I can keep track of the books I have finished, year by year. I can look at what others are reading.


  7. Bex says:

    Nora (Sleeps…) – I hear you. My eyesight is not getting any better as time goes on. I don’t have as much of a problem as you are having, but it goes blurry sometimes and then straightens out… and it scares me to think that I may not be able to READ – which is what I spend all my waking hours doing anymore (except for the hours when we watch our British shows on DVD.). And I do not enjoy reading on electronic devices, although I have to admit I do a lot of reading on my laptop in web sites… so that’s almost the same thing. But I don’t have an E-reader. I like an old fashioned book, and besides, I have thousands of them here already… just waiting for me to pick them up!


  8. Bex says:

    WendyNC, ah yes, more time… well, I can’t complain that I don’t have that! I have it in spades now. It’s just getting into the mood to tune out the world and dive into a good book… I find it hard to concentrate especially when the windows are open to the outside noises and comings and goings of the world… and now we have Belle who has quite a good bark on her, I must say, and she lets us know when things are happening outside! Hard to concentrate for too long in those times. But wintertime is good…


  9. Bex says:

    Teri, that lamb toy came with her – from Mit. Also a big colorful stuffed fish as well as her beloved “Teddy” that she cuddles up with every day/night. Actually, the lamb was hidden behind her bed and I just dragged it back out and discovered it squeaked! Belle doesn’t chew things up at all… she is an older girl and her teeth are not in the greatest shape. That’s fine with us… we still have vestiges of where Kip chewed on things… when he was young.


  10. Bex says:

    Maggie… oh how I wish I could send you up some of our books. We are overflowing with so many and they keep multiplying (it seems) like rabbits here (just ask our UPS man!). I am so bad at getting rid of books. I have done it several times, boxes and boxes of them given away to friends/charities, etc.. and even still… there’re way too many here. I wish the Post Office would offer a “free book mailing” service for people who want to share books with friends, internationally, as well. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing?


  11. Sleeps_With_Rocks says:

    I haven’t been able to really read a book in a few years because of my eyes. Docs can’t seem to get a script right and I miss reading as I used to read all the time especially before computer came into my life. Instead I watch videos. Not the same.

    Belle and your reading nooks look warm and cozy. She is a beautiful dog.

    I stopped blogging after Reens died. Not sure why but her death did have quite an impact on my life. So many of my friends are fighting battles. It’s been a rough year for us too.


  12. WendyNC says:

    My main read at the moment is the complete works of Jack London, which is proving to be rather interesting at times.

    I actually prefer to read on my electronic devices and the Kindle app lets me move from device to device without losing my place. I just need more time to read!


  13. TopsyTurvy says:

    About the only reading I have time for right now is the news. There’s so much going on, if I let myself I could spend hours following stories.

    I noticed when some of Belle’s first pictures went up that she too had a Shari Lewis Lambchop toy. Our Puppers has had 3 of them now, as Squee tears them apart to get at the squeakies. I guess they’re just going to have to have squeakless toys so she won’t do that.


  14. Oh dear, books! The local library near us does not have books that interest me. I’ve read a lot of classic literature, and I do not read romance/mystery/vampire genres, and at this little library there isn’t much left to choose from. I can’t afford to buy books new, and haven’t really explored second hand. However, since Mist Cottage is small, and I already have a room completely lined with overflowing floor to ceiling bookcases, I don’t want to buy and store anymore books. So I haven’t been reading a lot, and I do miss it.

    Currently on the go is John Fowles, A Maggot. Before that it was In The Skin Of A Lion by Michael Ondaatje, one of my favourite authors. Before that I reread a book that was assigned reading in Grade Nine, The Eagle Of The Ninth, by Rosemary Sutcliffe, and enjoyed it the second time around.

    Your entry inspires me to try and find more reading material Bex, I truly miss reading, and reading on the computer isn’t the same at all!


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