French English Muffins

For anyone who doesn’t read my my Facebook page, , here is something I dreamed up the other night while in bed, and now having brought it to fruition (and already into my tummy as breakfast) I submit my recipe for it to you.

French English Muffin 003


I just made this. The way I had to make it was a smidge different from the recipe I posted the other day on FB, but I have pictures, and it is so fabulously delish that I had to share.

So here is what happened. I went to look for the maple syrup and I had NONE in my pantry! What??? I don’t think I have EVER been without at least a vintage bottle of maple syrup before in my LIFE!

What to do?

I have about 6 small bottles of original British Golden Syrup in my cabinet that never seems to spoil… and I had a jar of natural honey (the stuff that’s solid). So…

I sprayed my little crock-pot (see photos) with Pam.

I mixed up in a bowl:

2 eggs (I could have done it with just 1)

1 TBSP of butter

2 TBSP of Golden Syrup (my substitution for the maple syrup)

1 TBSP of the solid honey (just for sweet measure)

(I did not add any salt)

I cut the English muffin in half and put it bottom side down in the little crock, which is just the right size for one muffin.

I poured HALF of the liquid mixture (which I whisked) over the bottom muffin half and put the other half on top and poured the rest of the mixture over that.

I covered it, and stuck it in the MICROWAVE on high for about 2 minutes only.

When I saw the egg was puffing up so much that it was pushing the lid up a little, I stopped the cooking process and took it out.

It was done to PERFECTION! And it is all gone now, calling itself my breakfast.

So this recipe is good for one person, or two people who eat like a bird. You could make two of these little crocks for 2 people. I have two of them. They are fabulous for making one serving of things.

And that is that. Saturday morning breakfast from my kitchen to yours. Let me know if you make this or a version of it.

Oh, and BTW, the combo of the golden syrup and honey tasted exactly like maple syrup! For some unknown reason!

French English Muffin 008

A great Saturday morning breakfast and super-quick!


Bex & Co.

inandout 030

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6 Responses to French English Muffins

  1. I have GOT to try these! Attila hates eggs, so this is perfect because it is one serving, just for me.


  2. TopsyTurvy says:



  3. Sleeps_With_Rocks says:

    Sounds delicious. I love English muffins and crumpets that are similar I get at Trader Joe’s. I also have a nasty sweet tooth at times. Thanks for sharing. I hope they are filled with calories!

    Love the photo of Belle and the others. x0x0x0x0


  4. Sandy says:

    yum…thanks to you I have the crock to do this…maybe supper tonite☺


  5. WendyNC says:

    Bex, aren’t you just the clever one! Excellent idea and wonderfully executed.


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