Day Two – The Big Move


I knew this would take up all my waking, and even sleeping, hours! Changing blog homes like this, back to WordPress.

I did dream about this move. It’s not over yet, either. I have no idea how to insert photographs or images. Each baby step takes me forever, it seems. Dealing with themes, widgets, customization. I do enjoy doing it, I have to admit. For a retired lady like myself, it’s nice to have something new to learn and to take up the hours when work-life is over.

My entries will probably be short for a while, until I figure stuff out. I’m hoping there’s a spot to sign up to follow my blog, for those who were on the notify list from my previous blog-home at JournalScape. You will have to sign up here again if you wish to follow me here.

That’s it for now. It’s time for Belle to go out for a look-round the garden. See you all later.


Bex & Co.

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5 Responses to Day Two – The Big Move

  1. blb1 says:

    Had to figure out how to comment. lol I checked follow a bit ago now do I have to do this notify thing again?
    btw I still haven’t figured out xanga notify now.


  2. Teri says:

    It’s a really good start. Looks like you’ve got pics in now, too. The board reminds me of Maggie’s board, with the calendar and lists along the side.

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  3. Sandy says:

    Looks good☺


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