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Miss Darcy's Library

And so, another school year is under way.

While I did not relish sitting through endless, tedious start-of-term meetings, and bidding adieu to mornings in bed is proving to be a wrench, it has been fun catching up with colleagues and settling in again. “Did you have a good holiday?” was the question on everybody’s lips over the first few days. I wonder if anybody ever answers “no”?

I myself had a splendid holiday. I was lucky enough to be able to spend time in Italy and England, as well as the French countryside. I had been particularly looking forward to my trip to England, as it was to be my first visit to the Lake District. I, and two friends, had booked ourselves into a cosy, white-washed B&B in some remote spot we could barely locate on a map, and long hikes, scones with clotted cream, and visits to…

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2 Responses to James Herriot Country

  1. You must cherish your travel memories Bex!


    • Bex says:

      Oh I do, Maggie… I do. There’s a reason we have memories… for when we get old and can’t make many new ones… it’s nice to draw on the older ones. Did you get a chance to read this blog I re-posted above. Isn’t her writing just fabulous?


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