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Lidia Bastianich’s Beef Braised in Beer

Originally posted on The 2nd 35 Years:
At work last week we did the Stand Out test, and in my results it confirmed something that I already know, which is that I need quiet rumination time – time to just think…

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A Verbal Selfie

T.Rump in his Own Words: I Love War! I will authorize Torture! I will kill terrorists’ Families & their kids! I already banned certain medias during my campaign, (UniVision). I will censor more Medias when I am President! I will … Continue reading

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Old Blog – The Last Entry

from my old blog, soon to be demolished and gone… (My old blog, at JournalScape, will be gone as of Nov. 1, 2016.  Here is my last entry there, in case anyone is wondering where it went.) Just in case … Continue reading

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The Skinny on The Donald

from National Memo dot Com by David K. Johnston How did a vulgar, ignorant, racist, sexist blowhard come to be adored by tens of millions of Americans, many of whom believe he will save America, which he promises to do … Continue reading

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Language Reveals Racist Attitudes

from National Memo Dot Com It’s easy to caricaturize a living, breathing caricature, which is why Donald Trump impersonations are so simple to do. Just pucker your lips, exude insecurity, whine about the media, and boast that you grab women … Continue reading

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